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The Nidaros Cathedral in winter time The Nidaros Cathedral in winter time
Photo: Knut Aage Dahl
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Attractions in Trondheim

Nidaros Cathedral is the most important of the many historical attractions in Trondheim.

Nidaros Cathedral

The cathedral in Trondheim is the national sanctuary of Norway, built over the grave of St. Olav. Work began in 1070, but the oldest parts still in existence date from the middle of the 12th century. In 1869 extensive restorations started, and more than a century later, Nidaros Cathedral is yet to be completed.

The Archbishop's Palace

The Archbishop's Palace in Trondheim is one of the best preserved building complexes of its kind in Europe. It is the oldest secular building in Scandinavia. Building began in the second half of the 12th century, and this was the archbishop's residence until the Reformation in 1537.

The west wing houses The Norwegian Crown Regalia exhibition, the Army Museum and the Resistance Museum. The south wing houses the Archbishop’s Palace Museum. This museum shows original sculptures from Nidaros Cathedral and archaeological finds from its dramatic history. Visitors can see the Archbishop’s mint, where coins were stamped, just as it was found by archaeologists.

Ringve Museum

Ringve Museum is Norway's national museum of music and musical instruments. Ringve Museum houses two permanent exhibitions:

"The Museum in the Manor House" (open April - October) comprises the oldest section, and has been preserved as it looked when Ringve’s founder, Victoria Bachke, opened the museum in 1952. With their distinctive interiors, the rooms in this Swiss-style building provide an evocative setting for instruments from the European musical tradition.
"The Museum in the Barn" (open all year), is an exhibition featuring modern sound and light technology.


Norway's national centre for pop and rock music is the newest attraction in Trondheim, opened in 2010. Located in a striking building in the harbour area, Rockheim  (literally "the home of rock") showcases the best of Norwegian popular music from the 1950s to the present day through exhibitions, interactive experiences, and of course concerts. There is also a restaurant with great views over the city.

Stiftsgården - the Royal Residence

Stiftsgården, built during 1774 and 1778 by the ambitious widow of the privy counsellor, is the largest wooden palace in Scandinavia. It was sold to the Norwegian State in 1800, and is today the official Royal Residence in Trondheim.  

Sverresborg - Trøndelag Folk Museum

A museum of cultural history around the ruins of King Sverre's medieval castle. Large open-air museum with wooden buildings and scenes from Trondheim and Trøndelag. Beautiful indoor exhibitions: "Images of Life" – depicting life in the region in the last 150 years, and the theme theatre "The Trønder Bride", ski museum, telecom museum and so on. Sverresborg - Trøndelag Folk Museum also offers many activities for children.

Other suggestions

The boat trip to the historical island of Munkholmen is a good opportunity to see Trondheim from the sea.

The view from the restaurant in the Tyholt Tower  (74 metres) gives you an exquisite panorama of the city and its surroundings.

Munkholmen i Trondheim
Munkholmen night.
Photo: Øyvind Blomstereng

The Monk's island

Munkholmen night.
Photo: Øyvind Blomstereng
Kristiansten Festning i Trondheim
Kristiansten Fortress winter.
Photo: Ronny Danielsen

Kristiansten Fortress

Kristiansten Fortress winter.
Photo: Ronny Danielsen

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