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Currency and prices

Get your money's worth. The Norwegian currency is called kroner (currency code NOK), sometimes translated as “crowns” in English. But whatever we call our money, cash is no longer king in Norway, and almost all establishments now accept electronic payment by card or phone.


According to travel search site Momondo, searches made by global visitors on its site show that the average price per night for a hotel room is NOK 1,725. The prices can vary greatly according to season, location, comfort level, and the facilities available.

Hiking cabins run by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) are available from NOK 400–1,600 per night per person.

Cabin rental rates may vary greatly according to the season and the size and standard of a cabin. A basic cabin at a camp site might start at NOK 500.


Debit and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, and many places also accept payment by phone, like Google Pay and Apple Pay. But it is still a good idea to have a bit of cash on you for small purchases. Foreign currency is rarely accepted, so you need Norwegian currency to get by.

You will find cash machines in towns and cities, and in most rural areas there will be at least one place where you can withdraw money, such as at a kiosk, grocery shop, or petrol station.

Debit/credit cards

Post offices and some grocery shops or supermarkets do not accept foreign credit cards, although they happily take debit cards.

Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly accepted credit cards, with far fewer accepting Amex or Diners. If in doubt, ask before shopping.


Here are some prices that travellers often wonder about when visiting Norway. The list below shows average prices in January 2024 and are subject to change.

  • One litre of petrol: NOK 21 to 25
  • Cappuccino at a coffee bar: NOK 35 to 65
  • Meal in a budget restaurant: NOK 170 to 350
  • Meal in a mid-range restaurant, three-course: NOK 650 to 1500
  • Bottle of beer in a grocery shop: NOK 30 to 50
  • Bottle of beer in a bar: NOK 100 to 140
  • One litre of milk: NOK 20 to 25


When and where should you tip, and how much?

For the most part tipping is not common in Norway, with the exception of bars and restaurants where the locals tip when they are happy with the service or food.

There is no fixed rule of thumb for how much to tip, but tips tend to stay within 5-15% of the bill. But remember that tipping is entirely up to you – there will be no hard feelings in any case.

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