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Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Peer Gynt_Samlevideo_Innovasjon Norge Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Peer Gynt_Samlevideo_Innovasjon Norge The new sound of Peer Gynt
Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Peer Gynt_Samlevideo_Innovasjon Norge The new sound of Peer Gynt
Peer Gynt.
Photo: Bleed / Fantefilm / Innovation Norway

The new sound of Peer Gynt

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In honour of the 150th anniversary of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, four up-and-coming artists have made new versions of the compositions Edvard Grieg once wrote for the play.

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On 14 November 2017, Norway’s best known play is turning 150 years. And such things don’t go unnoticed.

The anniversary of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt will be marked several places in Norway, and earlier this summer it all started with The Peer Gynt festival at Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdalen valley. With forests and steep mountains as backdrop, the annual festival took place in the area that inspired the author to write the dramatic play.

“Ibsen wrote the play as a 4,5 hour poem, to say to people: what’s the difference between being yourself and being yourself enough”, says Norwegian actor Dennis Storhøi.

Storhøi is acclaimed for his many performances as the play’s main character, Peer Gynt.

Henrik Ibsen’s play is more than just a tale. It’s a reflection of the 1860’s Norway, a time where many people moved away from the traditional family farms and started a new life in the city. Peer Gynt is also a story of the common man and the challenges and conflicts we all face in life. For that reason, the play is still relevant today.

According to Storhøi Ibsen is a genius in the way that he captures the man or the woman perfectly at all times.

Peer Gynt - Interview Dennis Storhøi Dennis Storhøi
Peer Gynt - Interview Dennis Storhøi.
Photo: Kristoffer Klakegg / Visitnorway.com

“He must have had a huge insight in how peoples’ weaknesses and strengths worked”, he says.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary, four Norwegian music talents have made their own versions of three of the compositions Edvard Grieg wrote for the play: “Morning Mood”, “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, and “Anitra’s Dance”.

Listen to the songs and read more about the artists below.

The Peer Gynt anniversary

Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt was released in 1867, but was first seen on stage nine years later, at Christiania Theater. Since then, there has been many different versions of the play, in all major parts of the world. Peer Gynt is still one of the most famous plays in the world.

A well-known version of Peer Gynt is the annual outdoor production at Gålåvatnet in Gudbrandsdalen.

At the Ibsen Museum in Oslo you can learn more about the playwright’s life and work.

What’s on?

The contrast between nature and modern life is an indispensable source of inspiration for Norwegian artists. Search for upcoming cultural events and add some extra meaning and content to your trip.

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