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Go rural with HANEN


Pick some of the around 500 quality-oriented places that are members of HANEN, an organization promoting local food, thoughtful service, activities in nature, and a good night's sleep in peaceful surroundings.

Many of HANEN’s members are located in areas where you can come close to nature, rural culture, farm adventures and animal life. They offer a variety of activities and experiences for both children and adults. Enjoy hikes in nature, climb the nearest mountain or marvel at the northern lights, or get the thrill of excitement with dog sledging, kayaking and whale watching.

With HANEN’s members, you can enjoy a meal in beautiful surroundings ranging from manorial farms and guest houses to rustic lodges and lavvos. You can enjoy a five-course dinner in a restaurant, or go for the more traditional Norwegian cabin-style with “rømmegrøt” (porridge). The choices are plenty, and common to all is the focus on local produce and traditions.

HANEN’s members offer comfortable accommodation in peaceful surroundings. Sleep in an old storehouse, cosy “rorbuer” or secluded lodges. Wake up to the view of Norwegian nature, and enjoy breakfast whilst listening to your host’s stories about local sites, traditions and history.

Wherever you go, HANEN is ready to welcome and offer you pleasant experiences, from Kirkenes in the north to Lista in the south.

Find more information on HANEN’s official website.

Plan your holiday with HANEN

HANEN will guide you to the rural gems of Norway. Discover and book activities, local food experiences, comfortable accommodations, and cultural events.

Pick activities

Horseback riding, dog sledging, freshwater fishing (in rivers and lakes), sea fishing, and salmon fishing are just some of the many popular activities HANEN offers. Other special adventures are elk safari, musk ox safari, whale safari, eagle safari, glacier walks, canoeing, and kayaking.

Closeness to nature is a key factor but can be challenging. HANEN’s companies can organise fun and exciting activities in a nice and safe environment.

Check out all activities with HANEN

Choose accommodation

Accommodation with HANEN’s members can be anything from the most exclusive to the very basic – always with great quality. You have a lot to choose from: farms or mountain farms, cabins and lodges, apartments, and fishermen’s cabins. Or maybe you would rather stay in a hotel or a guest house?

Whatever you prefer, these are places with heart and soul and have hosts with extensive knowledge about the area and who will do their best to give you a memorable experience.

Find local food

With HANEN you will find everything from the very basic to the most exclusive and outstanding gourmet food, that has often travelled a short way from the fields, mountains, forests or sea to your plate or glass. You can visit a large selection of farm produce shops where you can see, taste, and buy special food and drinks from the area you are visiting.

The range of cafés and restaurants is equally varied from farm restaurants in a barn or lavvo or maybe outdoors, to the most inviting up-market restaurants that are very much out of the ordinary.

It’s all yours

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Visit an eco certified place

If you visit a place with the label Norsk Økoturisme, you will know that the providers work very hard to eliminate the negative consequences of tourism, and boost the good ones.

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