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Fairways in fairy tale surroundings

Have you ever played golf in the middle of the night?

Playing by a white beach under the midnight sun is something you'll never forget!

Golf courses with spectacular scenery can be found in many unique locations in Norway:

From this course in the forests of Kongsvinger, rated as the best in Norway....

... to courses in dramatic Arctic landscapes.

Plan your exotic golf adventure in Norway today!

Beginner, intermediate or expert – a Norwegian golf experience offers something for everyone. Although you can find great golf courses all over the country, here are some expert tips on the very best!

A guide to Norwegian golf

With some of Europe's most exciting courses set in beautiful natural terrain, Norway is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after golfing locations in the world!

In 2022, Lofoten Links was ranked the number one X Factor course in continental Europe by Golf World and Today's Golfer. "Quite simply, it is the most beautiful, jaw-dropping, inspirational and natural setting I’ve ever played golf in," wrote Today's Golfer.

There are more than 160 golf courses in Norway. The facilities vary from basic 6-hole courses, via 9-hole courses, to large facilities with 18 or 27 holes.

Scroll down for some tips from Norwegian golf coach Svein Einarsbøl!

"I have played at practically all the courses in Norway."

Golf has long been a big part of Einarsbøl's life. He works to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and uses golf to do so. He has coached both individuals and teams in golf. One of his golfers even achieved a silver medal at the Paralympics in Athens.

Norway's best golf courses

"There are many wonderful courses in Norway. Take Bodø Golf Park, for example. It's a fantastic course in an incredible location with amazing views of the Lofoten mountains and the sea," says Einarsbøl.

Bodø Golfpark is Northern Norway's biggest golf course. Not only that, you can play around the clock and have the unforgettable experience of playing under the midnight sun.

"Another excellent course is Haugaland Golf Club, near Haugesund. It's incredibly good, and they are planning to develop it further by adding a new driving range and a short-hole practice course."

The course sits on fields in characteristic western Norwegian nature. The course offers fantastic experiences of the changing seasons, since it is open all year round when there is no snow, and offers challenges to players of all levels.

Golfing in the Oslo region

"I also need to mention Oslo Golfklubb Bogstad, the oldest and best golf course."

As its name suggests, Oslo Golfklubb is located in Norway's capital. Its home course is famous for its extraordinary green locations on holes 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16, where the players really need to concentrate on their strategy, while enjoying the beauty of the natural surroundings and a fun golf experience.

"Kongsvinger Golf Club is the course that most people want to play. It has Norway's most popular course and has been voted the best course in the country by players for the last six years. It is actually ranked among the top 100 in Europe."

The course is located in an area where there are lots of cypress trees. Each fairway is screened by trees on both sides, so when you're playing a hole here, you don't see anyone else.

"It's like having the course to yourself. A quiet and peaceful area to play great golf," adds Einarsbøl.

A sport for everyone

Many clubs in Norway actively work to make golf available for people with disabilities, so that everyone can enjoy the great sport of golf. This is now the focus of Einarsbøl's work.

"When I retired, I travelled around to all the golf clubs in Norway, finding ways to use golf as an activity for those who find themselves excluded from working life and, not least, socially excluded," says Einarsbøl.

The courses mentioned above are just a few of those you can try while travelling in Norway, and no two golf courses are alike. If you really love golf and find yourself in Norway, make sure to give your local course a try, just remember to bring your 'A' game!

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