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Tindesenteret på Åndalsnes Tindesenteret på Åndalsnes Tindesenteret på Åndalsnes
Tindesenteret på Åndalsnes Tindesenteret på Åndalsnes
Photo: Møre og Romsdal Reiseliv

Åndalsnes - The mountaineering capital
in Romsdalen


The natural drama of the Romsdalen valley

Visit the Romsdalen valley for a live performance of the emerald green river Rauma, lush waterfalls, steep mountains and magnificent bridges. Nestled between fjords and mountains, the mountaineering capital of Åndalsnes makes a natural starting point for activities and attractions.

“Then he told him about Åndalsnes, a tiny settlement up in Romsdalen valley, surrounded by high mountains which were so beautiful that his mother had always said that that was where God had started when he was creating the world, and that He had spent so long on Romsdalen that the rest of the world had to be done posthaste to be finished by Sunday. ” 

- Jo Nesbø, The Bat

Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen
Matti Bernitz /Visitnorway
Stirøra, Trollstigen
Stigrøra, Trollstigen
Jarle Wæhler / Statens vegvesen
NSB Raumabanen
Leif J. Olestad
Topptur Romsdal
Topptur med Romsdal Adventure
Romsdal Adventure

Activities and attractions

With major natural attractions like the Rauma Railway, the national tourist route Trollstigen, the vertical rock Trollveggen and the Romsdalseggen ridge, there are countless activities on offer in the area.

The national tourist route Trollstigen takes you over the mountain to the Romsdalen valley and Åndalsnes, passing 11 exhilarating hairpin bends on the way. For hikers, the trek over the Romsdalseggen ridge is a top recommendation. This hike grants a seat in the front row to take in the Romsdalen mountains, the Trollveggen vertical rock, and the peaks of Romsdalshorn and Vengetindene.

Another way to experience the mountains in Romsdalen is by train. Raumabanen, operated by NSB (the Norwegian State Railways), has been named Europe's most scenic train ride by Lonely Planet. On the way from Dombås to Åndalsnes you can see the Trollveggen vertical rock, the Kylling bridge and the river Rauma as it winds its way down the valley.

Topp 4 activities in Romsdalen

When you have ticked off the major attractions, it's time to get active. Hiking, biking, skiing or fishing – take your pick!

Where to stay in Romsdalen

Make your holiday extra special by choosing the right accommodation for you. Many packages make sure that you don't miss out on local food, breathtaking scenery and a friendly atmosphere.

There are two hotels in ​​Åndalsnes, both of which have been highly ranked on TripAdvisor. Rent a classic cabin to experience a genuine Norwegian-style holiday. There are many possibilities: Campsites are available for those who enjoy the freedom of camping, whether you prefer to sleep in a tent, a caravan or cabin.

Renting an apartment offers a more homely accommodation option. It usually gives you more space and the possibility to cook your own meals. For an unusual holiday experience, stay on a farm or at one of the local lodges.


Top 4 accommodation options in Romsdal

There is a huge range of places to stay in Romsdal, and we are sure that you will find something that suits you. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

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Getting here and around

There are several options for getting to Åndalsnes and around.

  • By train

    By train

    One of the most beautiful train rides in Norway. The rail line Raumabanen to Åndalsnes goes daily from Oslo (5.5 hours) and Trondheim (4-5 hours).

  • By road

    By road

    Drive here via the E136 from Ålesund, or on Rv 64 from Molde.

    There are daily express buses from Trondheim and Bergen.

  • By plane

    By plane

    The nearest airport is Molde Airport Årø, 1.5 hours from Åndalsnes. There are daily departures to Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

Åndalsnes also offers ...

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.


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