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Mat i Oppdal
Mat i Oppdal.
Photo: Sven-Erik Knoff/Bortistu gjestegard
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Local cuisine, a hamburger on the go, mountain sushi or a meal from the summer farm? The food traditions of Oppdal are strong. For the mountain-people, eating well is crucial.


Have you tried lamb from Oppdal? Or the almond potato? What about the local porridge “songraut” or the waffles? How about the cinnamon bun that people can’t stop talking about?

You have so much to look forward to on a visit to Oppdal. A wide selection of restaurants that serve delicious food is just what you need after a day in the mountains. The local lamb is a world-class delicacy. Every summer 45,000 sheep are released into the mountains, which gives them the taste of the wilderness.

The almond potato that is grown  in Oppdal compares to a good champagne. Grown in harsh, yet optimal, conditions, the potato  develops a unique taste. Lamb with almond potato is a “must try” on your stay in Oppdal.

The people of Oppdal care for their waffles often served with the specialty “songraut,” A porridge made of patience, and a love of tradition.

And the cinnamon buns? Well the pastries served at the local wood-burning bakery have become an attraction for Oppdal. Why? First of all, because they are made by a champion baker, second, because they are so darn good.

If none of the above is tempting to you, fear not. Oppdal has options when it comes to the menu.

After all - the people of the mountains must eat well.

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