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In honour of the 150th anniversary of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt in 2017, four up-and-coming artists made new versions of the compositions Edvard Grieg once wrote for the play.

Grieg meets club

Erik Spanne, also known as Drippin, is a young beatmaker with a flair for club music of all types. Drippin is based in Oslo, where he produces catchy tunes that are embraced by club enthusiasts all over the world.

His debut release “Silver Cloak” on New York’s Lit City Trax resulted in numerous festival and club appearances all around the world, including Iceland, Shanghai, Tokyo, and New York.

“To me, Edvard Grieg is almost like the first Norwegian pop star, with his simple and catchy melodies.”

Drippin has collaborated with several famous rappers, including Sicko Mobb, Le1f, King Louie, and Riko Dan, and in 2017 he was nominated at the “Norwegian Grammy Awards” Spellemannprisen for his production on the singer Nils Bech’s album “Echo”. In 2016 he was chosen as one of the few lucky applicants to attend the Redbull Music Academy in Montreal.

Photo: Martine Stenberg

What did you think when you were asked to participate in this project?
“It was a great honour. Not just because it involves interpreting such a well-known composition, but also because I got to represent Norway and my music genre, electronic music.”

Why did you choose to interpret “In the hall of the mountain king”?
“I'm attracted to darkness, melancholy and intensity. ‘In the hall of the mountain king’ is fierce and gloomy, so it appealed to me the most. Compared with the light, gentle music in the rest of the work, it has an almost claustrophobic structure.”

What is your relation to “Peer Gynt”?
“My only relation to ‘Peer Gynt’ was from school. It was nice to dive deeper into the play as an adult, and it was surprising to see how relevant it is even after 150 years.”

What was your relation to Edvard Grieg's music before this project?
“Edvard Grieg’s music is almost synonymous with nationalism and national romanticism. You can almost smell the mountain air and hear the cowbells when you listen to the music he composed for ‘Peer Gynt’. I think it was his intention when he composed the music.”

If you had visitors from abroad, which three cultural events would you recommend?
“I would take them to my club night ‘Ball ‘em up’ at Revolver, Nils Bech at the Opera on 19 November and the contemporary art gallery SCHLOSS.”

What is it like to be an artist in Norway today?
“An interesting trend in Norway is that new artists are no longer as keen to be signed by major record companies. They have their own platforms where they can release music on their own terms and create their own possibilities.”

Listen to Drippin’s version of “In the hall of the mountain king”

Photo: Bleed / Fantefilm / Innovation Norway
About Peer Gynt

Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt was released in 1867, but was first seen on stage nine years later, at Christiania Theater. Since then, there has been many different versions of the play, in all major parts of the world. Peer Gynt is still one of the most famous plays in the world.

A well-known version of Peer Gynt is the annual outdoor production at Gålåvatnet in Gudbrandsdalen.

At the Ibsen Museum in Oslo you can learn more about the playwright’s life and work.

What’s on?

The contrast between nature and modern life is an indispensable source of inspiration for Norwegian artists. Search for upcoming cultural events and add some extra meaning and content to your trip.

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