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Time to reflect

Experience Norwegian culture, learn about Nordic history and take part in a European tradition – regardless of your spirituality, a pilgrimage is a journey in more than one sense.


The St. Olav Ways – the pilgrim paths to Trondheim – consist of six pilgrim routes, all leading to the Nidarosdomen cathedral in Trondheim. The routes make up a total of around 2,000 kilometres of tranquil scenery through picturesque villages with a strong cultural heritage.

Whilst a pilgrimage is traditionally religious in nature, today the routes are open to everyone and the reasons for walking are highly individual. Some see it as an educational tour, some simply want to take the time to reflect on life in a peaceful setting and others walk to find God. Most modern pilgrims do however describe the journey as a deeply personal experience.

Wild stuff on a pilgrimage in Norway

What drives three blokes to take themselves off on an adventurous wild-camping pilgrimage? Join Joly and the two Daves on an eye-opening hike from Oslo to Trondheim.

Pitstops for pilgrims

If you plan to complete your pilgrimage on high spirits and belief alone, you will probably struggle. There are lots of places along the pilgrim routes in Norway to cover your needs for a good rest, a proper meal and a hot shower. These are just two of them.

The Nidarosdomen Cathedral: The final destination

All roads lead to Trondheim

Plan your Norwegian pilgrimage yourself, ask a travel expert to help you, or join a guided group hike.

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