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Besseggen Besseggen
Photo: Chris Arnesen / Visitnorway.com

Home of the giants

Enjoy the view from the top of Galdhøpiggen, Norway's highest mountain, or walk along the narrow, but popular, Besseggen ridge.
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Hiking, Valdresflye, Jotunheimen
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Hiking in the Jotunheimen mountains
Live Andrea Sulheim
A tourist cabin in the Jotunheimen mountains
CH / Visitnorway.com
Reindeer in the Jotunheimen mountains
Live Andrea Sulheim

Where to stay

Food and drink

Getting here and around

By road:
  • The Jotunheimen area can be reached by express buses from Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, which stop there several times per day.
  • Local buses serve the most popular hiking areas in the summer.
  • It's easiest and most convenient to go to Jotunheimen by car, however. Follow E6 from Oslo or Lillehammer, or E16 via Lærdal from Bergen.
  • Three of Norway's National Tourist Routes pass through Jotunheimen: The Sognefjell road, The Old Strynefjell Road, and Valdresflya.
By train:
  • Otta on the Dovrebanen railway line is the nearest train station. from there, there are local buses to several places in the Jotunheimen area.
By boat:
  • In the summer, boats traffic the Gjende and Bygdin lakes, transporting hikers, luggage and canoes and kayaks across the lakes.

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