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Hotel Rondablikk surrounded by trees and snow-clad mountains
Hotel Rondablikk, Rondane.
Photo: Tor Ivan Boine
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Shift gear: discover, explore and enjoy

PURE Hotels are small individually owned and operated hotels in rural Norway that offer casual and genuine hospitality and Norwegian quality cuisine with a local touch.

PURE Hotels is a franchise system for small individually owned and operated hotels in rural Norway. Here, you can experience the peace and quiet of some of the most scenic destinations Norway has to offer. Visit us and get a taste of PURE Hotels.

The PURE philosophy entails local products, produce and services at our hotels. Our focus is to involve the local community, employment and stakeholders to create sustainability far off the beaten track.

We want you to meet and mingle with other travellers and to share tales of your hikes, tours and adventures.

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Photo: Tor Ivan Boine

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Eidsbugarden Hotel is a traditional hotel with a history that goes back to 1868 when the poet and mountain hiker Aasmund Olavsson Vinje built the… Read more
Eidsbugarden Hotel
Hotel Mundal is a classic and elegant wooden hotel from 1891. It is beautifully situated in Fjærland by the Sognefjord and the Jostedal glacier, which… Read more
Hotel Mundal
Rondablikk enjoys a beautiful location by the foot of Rondane National Park, and offers spectacular views of the enormous mountain plateau. Read more
Hotel Rondablikk
Tørvis hotel is a gorgeous hotel with a history dating all the way back to 1639. Back then, the small village called Marifjøra, was a known trade… Read more
Tørvis Hotel
Spend the night close to the Nigardsbreen glacier! This traditional and charming Bed & breakfast is situated right by the Breheimsenteret Glacier… Read more
Nigardsbreen Lodge
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    Everybody is welcome

    Enjoy a moment in your own company by the fireplace
    Or take a walk in solitude. You and yourself, alone with your thoughts. Time to think and rethink. No interruptions. A good time to forget your phone in your room – or why not switch it off completely before you leave home.

    Family time
    Teach the kids about trees, flowers and the wonders of nature. Enjoy a bike ride together. There is no traffic, only the nature’s obstacles on your path. Take your children fishing – and actually catch something. Build a fireplace and grill your freshly caught fish right there. Create memories to last a lifetime.

    Fancy a great wedding party?
    Or do you have another great reason to celebrate? Our hotels are highly sought after for private functions and events. Create special activities for your guests and have the entire hotel and staff to yourself and your guests.

    Twosome travel?
    The best gift lovers can give one another, is undivided attention. Sharing good times, special experiences, great food, and borderless adventure. Build your life and history together and create new memories.


    Photo: Ian Brodie

    A place to decelerate

    In a world that is moving faster by the minute, time stand still at our hotels. Get a break from life’s fast speed and stressful chores. Escape, enjoy and find peace of mind. Shift gear and enjoy an active and relaxing experience at a PURE Hotel.

    Why don’t you try our PURE Tour?

    Experience some of the most scenic roads in the country. Bring your own car and drive the National Tourist Route Sognefjellet from Jotunheim and Eidsbugarden Hotel to the Sognefjord area, where you can stay at either Tørvis Hotel by the Lustrafjord, Mundal Hotel by the Fjærlandsfjord, or our glacier lodge at the Nigardsbreen glacier. Or you can experience the Panorama road from Hemsedal to Fagernes and Beitostølen, before you cross the Valdresflye mountain plateau to Gudbrandsdalen, Rondane National Park and Rondablikk Hotel.

    From each hotel you visit, you get a lovingly prepared picnic bag that also contains a local giveaway. When you arrive at your next destination, you are welcomed with a bottle of sparkling wine or non-alcoholic local cider.

    Visit at least three different PURE Hotels and get honoured with your personal PURE TOUR diploma on completion of your roundtrip.

    The tour usually starts in Oslo, but can just as easily begin in Bergen or Trondheim. You can start and finish the tour at will: go on a cruise, experience Northern Norway before joining us in our hotels further south, and stay at each hotel for as long as you want. Special rates apply. Allow for five days minimum including arrival and departure days for the complete PURE Tour. Extend the tour if you want to.

    Cross-country skiing in Rondane.
    Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic life / Visitnorway.com
    Rondaneblikk Høyfjellshotell.
    Photo: Tor Ivan Boine
    Summit trip from Eidsbugarden hotel.
    Photo: Marte Lerkelund / PURE hotels
    Boat trip from Eidsbugard hotel.
    Photo: Marte Lerkelund / PURE hotels
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