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The breathtaking Lysefjord is not far from Stavanger, only forty-five minutes by car. Experience fantastic nature, fjord cruises, and unforgettable hikes.

Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) in Ryfylke is one of Norway's biggest attractions and among the world's most famous viewpoints. The four–kilometre hike is considered moderately demanding and takes you to the famous rock formation 604 metres above sea level. Tom Cruise is featured in a spectacular scene on Preikestolen in the movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout! The trail is open all year round, but it is recommended to go with a local guide in winter.

If you would like a more challenging trip, you can hike to the famous Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged in a deep mountain gorge hundreds of metres above the fjord.

Or fight your way up the 4,444 steps in the world's longest wooden staircase, the Flørlitrappene (The Flørli stairs), which takes you 740 metres above the fjord in less than two hours. Once you are back down you can treat yourself to something delicious in the old power station café. Spending a few unforgettable nights in the small, roadless village of Flørli is also recommended. Here, you can relax and feel the magical calmness of the fjord and choose among several tours.

You can also experience the landscape from a completely different perspective in a kayak or on a beautiful fjord cruise. Most start in Stavanger and cruises to Lysefjorden in about three and a half hours. In the summer, a passenger ferry sails from Lauvvik and Forsand to Flørli and Lysebotn, which also takes a small number of cars (not motorhomes and caravans, though). Note: tickets must be booked in advance.

If you have your car or bike with you, try driving or biking up the 27 famous turns up from Lysebotn to the car park at Øygardstøl, which is the starting point for the hike to Kjerag.

Lysefjorden has achieved the label for Sustainable Destination. Although thisdoes not mean that the destination is completely sustainable, it means that it has committed to work systematically to reduce the negative impact of tourism and to strengthen its positive ripple effects.

Find more inspiration on the official websites for Stavanger and Ryfylke.

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Travel information

More detailed travel information can be found on Ryfylke's official website. Plan your trip to Lysefjorden with Entur.

Safety in the mountains

Return to hike another day

Norway is an incredible place to explore, with untamed mythical landscapes, mountains, valleys, and fjords. Before you enter the outdoors, get familiar with the nine simple rules of the Norwegian mountain code to help you stay safe.

  1. Plan your trip and inform others about the route you have selected.
  2. Adapt the planned routes according to ability and conditions.
  3. Pay attention to the weather and the avalanche warnings.
  4. Be prepared for bad weather and frost, even on short trips.
  5. Bring the necessary equipment so you can help yourself and others.
  6. Choose safe routes. Recognize avalanche terrain and unsafe ice.
  7. Use a map and a compass. Always know where you are.
  8. Don’t be ashamed to turn around.
  9. Conserve your energy and seek shelter if necessary.

Read the mountain code with supplementary comments.

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