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An easy way to choose local

The “Norwegian foodprints” badge will help you find high-quality Norwegian food, made from scratch.

Local food is in demand in Norway, both among Norwegians and tourists.

If you are looking for genuine Norwegian food, restaurants with the "Norwegian Foodprints" badge are just the thing for you. All of them are certified as serving home-cooked food with Norwegian ingredients and emphasizing local identity.

In order to become an approved Norwegian Foodprints restaurant there are strict criteria that must be met. It is emphasized that the food is made from scratch, as well as documented use of Norwegian, local products and good local knowledge of food and dishes.


  Norwegian foodprints logo

Local food the Norwegian way

The rise in use of organic food has been an important political target in Norway, and in the last few years sustainable food consumption has gotten a big breakthrough.

In addition, the word “kortreist” (literally “short-travelled”) has found its way into Norwegian cooking dictionaries. The word implies producing and consuming more local foods that don’t rely heavily on emission-inducing transport. Many of the local producers combine ancient Norwegian food traditions with new scientific methods for developing the products in a safe environment.

The products can be bought locally, or through the large supermarket chains that are focusing more and more on higher quality products from local producers.

Many Norwegians also take pride in cooking from what they harvest themselves. During summer and autumn, the forests are brimming with fresh, wild berries and tasty mushrooms, and harvesting them is seen as a recreational activity.

Norwegian Foodprints certified restaurants


Do you want to be approved?

It is Innovation Norway in cooperation with The Norwegian Farmers' Union and Hanen who have developed the independent marketing channel Norwegian Foodprints for good Norwegian restaurants.

Do you have a restaurant and want to read more about this project, visit innovasjonnorge.no/norwegian-foodprints. (Only in Norwegian)


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