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The Milky Way
to great taste

There are some places on earth where one might actually like to be a cow.

Green grass, clean flowing water, and fresh country air.

Nature makes Norwegian dairy and beef fresh, tasty and good.

Here are ten reasons why:

1. Almost no antibiotics

In Norway, only sick animals are treated with medicines.

2. Looong summer vacation

Cattle, sheep, and goats are entitled by law to graze freely for at least 8 weeks of the year. Many even spend the entire summer season outside.

3. Free to roam

Many old breeds of livestock, such as the traditional Norwegian Urfe cattle breeds and Spælsau sheep, are kept outside all year round.

4. Yummy milk

Stølsmelk (milk from summer mountain farms) is more nutritious and tasty than ordinary milk. It's been proven!

5. Our best landscape gardeners

Animal grazing shapes and preserves the cultural landscape, and prevents overgrowth. 

6. Plants and insects love it too!

Grazing ensures biodiversity.

7. The magical Norwegian combi-cow

Mooo! As much as 70 percent of our beef production is based on a special Norwegian breed called Norsk Rødt Fe (NRF). 

This cow produces both meat and milk, making it a real combi-cow!

8. Loving farmers

Cows Klara and Litago play freely, eating grass and sauntering over to get a good scratch every so often. 

Many Norwegian farmers are at the forefront of animal welfare, and care a lot about their animals.

Milk from these beloved animals is used to make some of the world's best cheeses and dairy products, including the famous sweet Norwegian brown cheese.

9. Lights in the houses

By supporting small scale farming, you support the life of villages and valleys, and a vibrant countryside.

Many Norwegian farms have cosy farm shops and offer farm stays

Sample the best of rural Norway. Spoil yourself with some countryside luxury, like here at Kvitnes farm in Vesterålen.

10. Eat less meat

... and don't waste any food.

That way, you can contribute to a greener future.

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