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Scuba diving

A cooler kind of diving paradise
More and more dedicated divers put Norway on their top lists, because of the rich biodiversity, contrasting locations and experiences you are most likely to only find here.
A person diving outside Ystesteinen in Farsund
Scuba diving in Farsund.
Photo: Casper Tybjerg / Visitnorway.com

    OK, Norwegian fjords and other waters may sometimes be a bit more chilly than some of the world’s other top diving spots, but those seeking different kind of challenges, will return home with other stories to tell. Some even end up embracing Norwegian weather for its variation, regardless if they are into some relaxed snorkelling, exploring scuba diving, freediving or deep sea diving.

    Some even go further in their enthusiasm, especially if you trust Deeperblue.com, which is considered the world’s largest diving community.

    Deeperblue’s enthusiastic writer Jennifer Palmer recommends Norway after having explored the Northern waters, and points out assets like a great variety of adventures and unseen opportunities for all skill levels.

    Jennifer has even made a top list for six Norwegian divers’ paradises:

  • 1. Saltstraumen – a stream of gold

  • The name Saltstraumen tastes of salt and drama, meaning ‘The salt stream’, and is first of all famous for being one of the world’s strongest tidal currents, and therefore popular among divers, ideally located outside the city of Bodø.

    Once in the stream, you can spot everything from wolf fish, beautifully coloured anemones, and large kelp forests to nudibranchs.

    Saltstraumen is recommended by Deeperblue.com for those looking for an adrenaline rush, and don’t hesitate to hire an instructor: you will be on the safe side and probably get more out of the dive.

  • 2. Gulen, Sogn & Fjordane – southern attractions

  • You will find numerous underwater attractions in Sogn and Fjordane, and some of them is the DS Frankenwald shipwreck, the remains of the German steamship that ended its days in the Sognefjord in January 1940.

  • 3. Korsvik, Kristiansand – history preserved

  • Being one of Norway’s major cities, you will find Kristiansand on the southernmost part of Norway, with a great variety of exciting underwater life. Writer Jennifer of Deeperblue.com especially points out MS Seattle, another shipwreck that can be explored in the Korsvik fjord just outside Kristiansand, where it was sunk during the liberation of Norway in 1945.

    However, you are strongly advised not to penetrate the ship without proper training experience or training, as there have unfortunately been several deaths due to diving in and around the wreck.

  • 4. Narvik – wreck galore

  • You will barely find a harbour with more wrecks than that of city of Narvik, located in the innermost part of the 78 kilometres long Ofotfjord. The reason is the battles of Narvik, which lasted from April to June 1940, remaining one of the most dramatic chapters in the Norwegian warfare history, with the result of a huge amount of wrecks ranging from warships, cargo ships, and even a seaplane.

  • 5. Hottane, Møre & Romsdal – sandy bottoms

  • If you are more into nature’s underwater beauty than shipwrecks, Hottane is the place to go, still according to Deeperblue.com.

    Beautiful sights like sandy bottoms, rocky shores and vertical drops descending to about 30 metres, gives insight into diversity on several levels and layers.

  • 6. Skarberget, Tysfjord – mingle with the underwater world

  • When you have done all that diving during daytime, you will be ready for some night time experiences. Skarberget in Northern Norway is known as one of the best wall dives in this part of the country, and is especially popular for night time diving.

    Right here you can mingle with such species as starfish and sea urchins, while massive concentrations of herring make the fjord a giant meal for the orcas, hence the chances of meting up with these whales are good.

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