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What makes Norway Norway? Let's find out by exploring some very characteristic Norwegian phenomena and sampling the Norwegian lifestyle!

There is a reason why Norwegians are among the happiest people on earth. Learn the noble art of kos, taste some weird and wonderful food, and join us as we visit the country's hottest summer spots. And we know you’ll want to get a closer look at local history, art and culture, and, of course, some stunning Norwegian nature.

Learn how to ski like a true Norwegian with our mini masterclass, or get inspired to step outside your comfort zone with some exciting outdoor activities. Would you dare to try death diving?

Do you know your essential Norwegian terms? Impress your friends by learning some truly unique and witty Norwegian expressions.

Prepare for your trip to Norway with this inspiring YouTube series, while getting to know Norway and our culture!

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How to Norway?

What exactly is a fjord? How do I dress for winter? Learn everything you need to know before your next Norway adventure in this YouTube series.

Taking on Norway

Jendrik steps out of his comfort zone by facing a variety of challenges, while travelling through Norway and meeting Norwegians who are experts at what they do.

Find your happy place

What is your happy place? Discover why Norway is one of the happiest countries in the world – and see where and how you can take part in our joy!

March of the Norwegians

Are you ready for hot summer vibes? Discover why Norwegians flock to the country's hottest summer gem: Southern Norway.

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