Tour movie locations from Troll

Something has awoken up from its deep slumber in the Norwegian mountains...

Have you seen the Netflix's fantasy action film Troll? It was the most viewed non-English language film on the streaming service during its first week of release in December 2022.

Check out the exciting locations!

1. Trollveggen, 'The Troll Wall'

The film starts with an eye opener, literally. If you look closely, and believe strongly enough, you can discover stone faces in the sides of the Trolltindane mountains.

They form part of Europe's highest vertical rock wall Trollveggen, close to the "Alpine capital" of Åndalsnes, and provide a stunning backdrop to the opening scene in Troll. Witness it from the ground, or from the world famous Rauma railway.

2. The secret of the Dovrefjell mountains

Can you hear the rumbling in the mountains?

Hiking in Norwegian nature really gives you a sense of peace and solitude ... but are you really alone?

The scene where an explosion in the Norwegian mountains awakens an ancient troll was partly filmed in the Dovrefjell mountains, in Eastern Norway.

The award-winning Snøhetta viewpoint is the perfect spot to look for trolls, as well as musk oxen.

3. Fossils

Nora Tidemann is on a dig looking for fossils in Flø, when she is assigned a surprising mission.

We don't know if you can find fossils in Flø in Ulstein in real life, but we do know that this little village in Fjord Norway is an amazing find in its own right!

4. Jotunheimen, home of the giants

It looks terrifying when the troll stomps through Bøverdalen ...

He is actually stomping through the real home of the giants, the Jotunheimen mountains, where you can find Norway's highest mountain and most popular hiking destination, Galdhøpiggen.

5. Valdresflye Scenic Route

If you want more beautiful Norwegian nature, head to Valdresflye, where Nora's 'troll nut' father Tobias live in his small log cabin.

Valdresflye is one of Norway's Scenic Routes, with panoramic views of the mountains and wide expanses – making it hard for any troll to hide.

Stop at Besseggen ridge, one of the most popular hikes in the country.

6. Gudbrandsdalen valley

The Troll rushes southwards, through the cultural Gudbrandsdalen valley. Luckily, it doesn't destroy the beautiful churches of Sør-Fron (pictured) and Ringebu stave church.


7. Troll meets troll

Maybe trolls don't like the sound of ringing church bells.

But the troll calms down a bit at the entrance to the Hunderfossen Adventure Park, near Lillehammer.

The massive statue at Hunderfossen is Norway's most photographed troll. Step into a fairytale world of 150 trolls, where you can even dine with them inside a huge hall. And enjoy lots of fun rides, too, of course!

Learn more about the mythical Norwegian Trolls ...

... and explore even more stunning troll locations in Norway.

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