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Things to do in the North Cape

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Seasons and climate

Although the North Cape is located at the northernmost tip of Europe, it has a subarctic climate, thanks to the Gulf Stream.

The average temperature in summer is 10 degrees Celsius, while temperatures may reach 25 degrees Celsius at the hottest. In winter, the average temperature is about minus 3 degrees Celsius. Temperatures can fall to about minus 15 degrees Celsius on the coldest.

The wettest months are from October to January, when the average precipitation is 85 millimetres per month. The driest months are from May to July, when the average precipitation is 43 millimetres per month.

The sun is up for 24 hours per day between 14 May and 29 July. In winter, the sun remains below the horizon from 21 November until 21 January, creating the polar night.

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