gondola lifts and cable cars

Feel the pull – it only goes up from here!

When you take in the view, you are sure to get goosebumps as you ride higher and higher!

1. Exciting Loen

Idyllically located in the raw and picture-perfect nature in Nordfjord in Fjord Norway the Loen Skylift takes you to new heights up the Hoven mountain, 1011 meters above sea level, in only five minutes.

It's one of the steepest gondola lifts in the world. At the top you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or go for a hike.

The Skylift is also open during winter. You can go skiing, snowshoeing or slide downhill one of the world’s longest toboggan slopes. Hold on tight, it goes fast!

2. Majestic Romsdalen 

The Romsdalsgondolen in the alpine centre of Åndalsnes, Northwest in Norway, opened in 2021. From the top you can see the fjord, the wild mountains and the emerald coloured Rauma river.

You can choose to walk up or down one way via the famous viewpoint Rampestreken. Or you can take the gondola lift as a part of the iconic hike, Romsdalseggen ridge. 

3. Spry Stranda

"Strand" means "beach" in Norwegian, but this village called Stranda is quite the contrary; a famous skiing paradise during winter.

It’s beautiful in the summer too! Let the Stranda Fjord Gondol give you a lift to the 1067 meter tall mountain Roalden. Take in the impressive view to the Storfjord that goes all the way to Geiranger.

At the top you can enjoy some refreshments from the pavilion, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you might wander further into the Sunnmøre alps.

4. Wild Voss

The train Bergensbanen stops in the heart of Voss, and from there, the Voss Gondol, takes you straight to the mountains!

There are great hiking opportunities at the top. One of them is the Hanguren Panorama, an easy roundtrip, about 800 meters long, that's accessible for those with a stroller or a wheelchair.

5. Bold Bergen

In Bergen there are two ways to get a lift to the mountains. The traditional Fløibanen is a funicular that takes you to the classic and famous Bergen view. Or you can take the Ulriksbanen, a gondola lift to get to the tallest of the seven summits surrounding Bergen, called Ulriken. 

Both lifts leads to wonderful hiking areas – it’s even possible to walk across the expanse between them!

6. Golden Tromsø

The Fjellheisen lift to the mountain above Tromsø is a wonderful starting point for many mountain hikes. If you’re feeling fit, you can walk the man-made stairways up or down the mountain.

Imagine what it must be like to see Tromsø bathing in the light of the midnight sun

7. Arctic Narvik

… the same midnight sun that lights up the fjords and the surrounding mountains of the city of Narvik in Northern Norway.

The gondola lift moves up the mountain above Narvik, named Narvikfjellet, and during winter, you might catch a glimpse of the northern lights, or try one of the best ski resorts in Norway!

Or rent a mountain bike!

A lot of ski resorts turn into downhill meccas during summer. There are bike trails for noobs and serious-minded riders. Like for instance Geilo, Hafjell, Hemsedal and Trysil.

A lot of the gondolas and ski lifts stay open all year-round.

Bring your binoculars and hiking boots and venture out to the wonderful trails at the top!

8. The hidden funicular

The old NATO-lift, Gaustabanen is probably Norway’s most unique lifts to the top!

A small tram takes you far inside the mountain before the cable car takes you 1050 meters up to the Gaustatoppen peak …

… in clear weather you can see one sixth of Norway when you find yourself 1810 meters above sea level!

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