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Take time out by the fjords

Sometimes we just need a break. A time out to wind down, reflect and reconnect with Mother Nature and our true self. With its spellbinding surroundings, and great outdoor adventures, Fjord Norway is the ideal place for an inward journey. Alone, or together in a group of new friends!

Big, busy cities are fun, but they can be quite absorbing as well. When was last time you put time on hold to check in with yourself?

Visit Norway invited the activity junkie Charlotte Van Hollebeke from Paris, the foodie Daniel John Lynch from London, and the cultural buff Gloria Butler from New York to Fjord Norway, to give them an opportunity to step out of their big-city bubble for a few days. In raw, airy, and serene nature, they got to discover new perspectives, reconnect with their senses, and learn something new – first and foremost about themselves.

“To step out and look at life in a different way, you need a second to recharge”, Glo says.

Soothing scenery

Fjord Norway is known for its stunning scenery with deep blue UNESCO protected fjords, flowing waterfalls, massive glaciers, and tall, snow-capped mountains. Few people who visit this part of Norway leave unaffected.

“You’re not used to seeing all these types of nature in one landscape. You have the snow, the fjords, and the green trees as well”, Charlotte says.

Along every fjord, small communities and villages await, all with their own culinary specialities. Some of the highlights are waffles and rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge), first-class seafood, and some of the world’s best (literally speaking) cheeses and ciders.

“I was very intrigued about what the food scene was going to be like”, says Daniel, who considers himself a foodie.

A region to reflect and recharge

When the summer visitors have left Fjord Norway, the atmosphere of the whole region changes completely. Everything slows down. The crystal-clear fjords get covered in mist, and well-known attractions return to their laid-back, tranquil pace. If you visit the region at this time of year – between October and May – the silence and the mystical, almost spellbinding atmosphere are guaranteed to sneak into your soul. And stay there until long after you have returned home.

“Coming on this journey has reinvigorated me. Going through the fjords, you think how insignificant you are as an individual compared to what nature is like. I know I’ll go home and re-evaluate what’s important to me”, Daniel says.

Charlotte, Glo and Daniel agree that Fjord Norway is an ideal destination for solo travellers. It is very safe to travel alone in Norway, and you can easily join a wide selection of organized tours and participate in fun and social activities. It’s a great way to make new friends, and if you prefer, you can have everything arranged before you set off. Ready to step out of your comfort zone?

Experience Norway’s well-kept secrets with Up Norway, join a guided tour with Authentic Scandinavia AS or sign up for an active adventure with Hvitserk.

Hear their stories

“Seeing the fjord for the first time is really impressive. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, it’s breathtaking”, says the activity junkie Charlotte Van Hollebeke from Paris.

“It’s made me appreciate what there is, and so close to my home as well”, says the London-based foodie Daniel John Lynch.

“Travelling to Norway was a culture shock for me, but at the same time a life-changing experience”, says the cultural buff Gloria Butler from New York.

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