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Quaint wooden houses, festivals, and an archipelago with idyllic islands, sandy beaches and saltwater pools – an ocean breeze with a cultural touch awaits in Risør.

In Southern Norway just an hour and a half from Kristiansand, you’ll find the jewel that is Risør – a town with a well-preserved historic centre full of white-painted wooden houses and narrow streets.

Small and charming islands make up an idyllic archipelago that is favoured by many Norwegians during summer. From water sports and swimming to “the catch of the day” at seafood restaurants – the ocean is a big part of life here.

The town is also increasingly known for its craftsmanship and creativity – and the locals know how to put on good festivals to show it off.

The popular wooden boat festival Trebåtfestivalen celebrates boatbuilding, while the Risør chamber music festival and FyrJam bring together musicians and music lovers. The local gallery Villvin hosts the annual Villvinmarkedet festival, which showcases and sells work from more than a hundred artists.

Get in-depth travel information on Risør’s official website.

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Get in-depth travel information on Risør’s official website.
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