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Rauma has been named Europe’s most beautiful railway line.

"This is one of my favourite railways."

"When I was little, I had the opportunity to sit in the Rauma Line's locomotive, right next to the train driver."

"I will never forget it. The view was spectacular."

Erik Sveberg Dietrichs, author of Togferie ("Train Holidays")

Although the Rauma Railway is one of the shorter lines in Norway, it's an amazing journey!

During the 1 hour and 40-minute journey, the train takes you from the wild mountains surrounding Dombås to the beautiful fjord in Åndalsnes.

Sit back, gaze through the big windows, and enjoy your journey through a landscape full of contrasts.

Let the journey begin

The trip starts in Gudbrandsdalen Valley, at Dombås train station.

You can also start your train journey in Oslo on the Dovre Railway, which takes you through Eastern Norway and stops at Dombås, where you can change to the Rauma Line.

The first leg takes you to the mountain villages Lesja and Bjorli.

Fun fact: Part of a scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was shot on the Rauma Railway, in Bjorli. It's the only scene in the film that was shot outside the UK.

Bjorli is home to a big ski resort, which is usually one of the first to open in the autumn.

You can see the resort from the train station. There are four train departures daily, so remember to bring your skiing boots if you're travelling in winter!

Back on the train, the journey continues through beautiful Romsdalen valley.

If you haven't taken your camera out yet, now is definitely the time!

The train slows down as it passes the most spectacular scenery. It makes a photo stop at the famous Kylling Bridge, offering views of the nearby Vermafossen waterfall.

No wonder that the world-famous Mission: Impossible movie chose the Rauma Railway as its location.

They even blow up the Kylling Bridge in the movie!

The bridge is suspended 60 metres above the emerald-green River Rauma, which runs parallel to the train for much of the trip.

Don’t put your camera away just yet, as the train takes you further into the valley.

You will soon be close to the dramatic Trollveggen mountain cliff face!

"Trollveggen is Europe’s highest perpendicular mountain wall. The view from the train is amazing."


The tracks are surrounded by majestic mountains on the last leg of the journey.

Welcome to Åndalsnes!

...and to the fjord. 

New adventures await in Norway's mountaineering capital.

The train station is just a few steps from the lower station on the Romsdalen Gondola.

The gondola is 1,679 metres long and rises up from the fjord along the mountainside!

What a view!

At the top, enjoy a drink and something delicious to eat at Eggen Restaurant.

Enjoy a 360-degree view of the fjord and the impressive mountains in the area!

Ride the gondola or hike down again.

The famous Rampestreken view point is situated a short hike below the gondola, perfect for your next insta shot. 

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