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Norway Next

This is Norway Next. A podcast with exclusive interviews with travel experts who offer the best itinerary recommendations for you to enjoy on-the-go!

In our latest podcast series – Norway Next, we have collected all the best advice from local experts. If you are going to a Norwegian city anytime soon – make sure to listen and subscribe,so you get the full inside scoop on your next destination! More on Norway’s biggest cities below.

In each of our episodes, we will be talking to a city destination expert – all of whom are really great ambassadors for their cities. They will guide us through some do-not-miss things you need to experience when you're in some of Norway’s most exciting cities!

If you’d like to learn more, tune in to Norway Next by Visit Norway on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. Enjoy!

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Oslo | Bergen | Stavanger | Tromsø | Trondheim | Kristiansand

Norway Next – Oslo

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Norway's capital and a city full of life! Listen as Synne Myhre, director of visitor services in Visit Oslo takes us through Oslo's coolest, hippest, raddest and baddest do-not-miss neighbourhoods, and learn how to lace up to experience it all on foot.

“What I love about Oslo is that you can have a perfect day both during summer and winter.” 


There is a lot more to Oslo than what we could ever cover in a podcast. Want to discover even more about Oslo? Check out these great stories!


Norway's rainiest city, the heart of the fjords, and home to world-famous attractions. In this episode, we meet Bergen expert Linn Kjos Falkenberg, from Visit Bergen. Join us for the ride as she guides us through some of the city's must-see experiences.

“The nature is pretty close to the pulsating city life.”

– Linn

Does this sound like a place you want to visit? Then check out these stories from Bergen!


Known for its fantastic food scene, street art, fascinating Viking history, dramatic coastal landscapes, and white sandy beaches – yes you heard right! This is just a taste of what awaits you as local expert Gunhild Vevik from Region Stavanger takes you through this beautiful and lively city.

“Its all about the people, feeling the atmosphere, grabbing a coffee and walking around in Fargegata.”

– Gunhild

If you too loved hanging out with Gunhild and are intrigued about Stavanger, then check out these stories, too!


In this episode, we explore The Paris of the North – Tromsø. Northern lights, midnight sun, whales, and stunning Arctic nature are just a small part of what this great city has in store for you. Discover Tromsø through the eyes of Lone Helle, director of tourism at VisitTromsø, as she tells us all about her love for this unique Arctic city.

“Even though it's dark, there is still a lot of light too. The northern lights in the sky and the white snow brightens everything up.”

– Lone

Does this sound like the magical place you thought it would be? Then see what else this beautiful city has to offer!


With a history that goes back more than 1,000 years, you will never run out of cool adventures and delicious dishes in Trondheim! Join us Kirsten Schultz, director at Visit Trondheim and a self-proclaimed foodie tells us all about her favourite spots in Trondheim. 

“A perfect day in Trondheim starts with a dip in the fjord and a visit to a small café, followed by a good lunch with some local food, a little shopping, and then relaxing outside the Nidaros cathedral.”

– Kirsten

Kirsten Schultz really knows how to put together a solid day, but Trondheim has a whole lot more to offer! Discover even more reasons to visit Trondheim below!


Known as the smiling capital of the south, Kristiansand is sure to put a smile on your face, too! Get pro tips from Mona Konuralp from Visit Southern Norway, who works with managing sustainable travel projects for the region and is a local expert on Kristiansand, as well as a yogi. Listen in as Mona guides us along the stunning Norwegian Riviera.

“Picture yourself in a treetop hut with a bird singing, that is true bliss.”

– Mona

Start planning your trip to southern Norway and Kristiansand!

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