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LANs, events and Esports

In Norway, gaming and Esports is BIG!

Join one of the annual gaming events: The Gathering, it's the world's second-largest LAN!

And discover why the stunning landscapes of Norway often is used as a dramatic backdrop in many of the world´s most popular video games.

Norwegian Esporters


Nyhrox – Fortnite

Aitzy – PUBG

Hunterace – Hearthstone

Esports teams:

Octagon – Fortnite

Apex Rebels – CS:GO

AW3 – Rocket League

Norwegian streamers





Twitch streamers:




A mecca of gaming

Norway is a country known for its breathtaking natural scenery, rich culture, and high quality of life. However, it's also home to a vibrant gaming community that has been growing in recent years, that enjoys a range of events and competitions throughout the year.

Whether you're interested in video games, tabletop games, or Esports, there's something for everyone in Norway's gaming scene.

Gaming has become a popular pastime for Norwegians of all ages, with many flocking to online platforms and gaming events to connect with others who share their interests, from competitive esports to casual mobile gaming. Scroll down and explore the history of gaming in Norway, what you can take part in, and what the future may hold for gaming in this Nordic nation.

If you want to see some gaming events coming up, jump straight down. Want to know more about what gaming adventures await you in Norway? Keep scrolling!


Is serious stuff

Gaming in Norway

- More and more schools are starting gaming courses for their students.

- A big part of the classes are about diet, sleep, lifestyle, and meditation – all linked to e-sports.

- Games embrace a huge range: some include short stories and deep stories. Others systematize large and complex themes such as how cities, politics and social structures can be shaped. You always have choices.

- Children can learn language, problem-solving, fine motor skills and practical skills through the use of computer games.

- Figures show that 63 per cent of girls and 96 per cent of boys aged 9-18 play computer games in Norway.

Gaming and school

Esports is serious business in Norway, here you can even study it in high school and at university. It may seem like a slightly strange combination, but the fact is that many teenagers and young adults study E-sport, and some have even won world championships in different games!

In 2016 the first high school open the program for Esports as a subject. Since then, more and more schools have joined the gaming-wave, to teach the new era of gamers what it takes to be a top level athlete.

Schools have seen a great increase in the student's abilities to cooperate and to make quick decisions, abilities that are well suited far beyond the gaming industry!

There are several ways to go after finishing these studies. Some choose for a professional Esports career, others focus more on game developing and game design, while others take what they have learned to totally different professions.

Through e-sport, the students develop more than just gaming skills. The course teaches other aspects that will come in hand wherever the students end up working, like adaptability, responsiveness, solving unpredictable situations in a short time, creativity, tactics, cooperation, communication, language, determination, and perseverance.

Gaming events

LANs, tournaments and much more

Join in on some of the world's biggest gaming events!

There is way more to experience here then to just playing the games!

LANs and gaming events

- A local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as a residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building.

- It's primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games together.

- The duration of events is not standardized; organized parties often last for a weekend.

- Big LAN parties often offer a quiet place to sleep, shower, and eat, alternative entertainment (such as music), and a dedicated support crew.

- LAN parties have their own unique culture. Enthusiasts typically show off computers with extravagant after market cooling systems, LED lighting effects, multi-display setups, and custom-built cases, and many other enhancements.

Play to win

There are several gaming events in Norway all year through. Whether you want to play your self, watch the greatest players in action, or just enjoy some fun games with good friends!

LANs and Expos

What could be better than playing alone? Playing with hundreds of others, of course! Welcome to the LAN!

The Gathering, Hamar

Join in on the second largest LAN party in the world! Every Easter since 1996, Norway's biggest LAN, The Gathering, has been the event of the year for gamers all over the world. 5,000 people spend five days trying to get as much game time as possible during the Easter holiday.

Inside the amazing Vikingship in Hamar, you will experience more than just gaming! Cosplay, music, graphics, photo, coding, and much more awaits you at The Gathering. And if you are good enough, there is even money to be won. This event is one you surely will want to experience again.

Spill expo Oslo Comic con

Norway's biggest gaming fair! Try out the newest games on the marked, meet Norwegian and international game developers, join in on gaming tournaments with great prices, and check out the biggest cosplay competition in Norway!

The expo usually takes place in the beginning of November every year. Check out the event calendar.

Hexcon, Trondheim

Another popular event is Hexcon, a game convention held annually in Trondheim in the late fall. This convention features a range of tabletop games, including board games, card games, and role-playing games.

Attendees have the opportunity to try out new games, compete in tournaments, and meet other gaming enthusiasts.

Other gaming activities

There are lots of fun activities to do in Norway with a connection to gaming. Why not try to conquer one of Norway's many escape rooms? Here you can really be a part of the game yourself!

In several places in Norway, you can find gaming cafés and bars. Places to play on consoles and boardgames, VR headsets and simulators, shuffleboard, billiards, bowling and much more. Filter your search and see what lies near you!

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