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Take a walk through
Norwegian defence history.

Many of the most well-known fortresses in
Norway are located in very idyllic places.

Like the majestic Oscarsborg fortress, located on an island that's just a five-minute ferry ride from the small town of Drøbak, or a 1.5 hour scenic boat trip from Oslo during summer.

The fortress in the middle of the Oslofjord has a history dating back to 1640.

Every summer, a big outdoor Opera performance is held in the beautiful courtyard.

Bring the kids on a guided tour through the tunnels below the fortress, have a tasty dinner, browse through the art gallery and museum, or enjoy a day spa or relax on the island's beach.

You can even spend the night there!

When you're in Oslo, you should definitely see Akershus Fortress. A venerable and imposing fortification, it offers a great way to learn more about the city's history, and commands wonderful views of the harbour and fjord.

Akershus Fortress was first built in 1299, and is a popular venue for big events like concerts. Stop by the visitor centre, visit the Norwegian resistance museum and join a guided tour.

Book a table at Festningen restaurant, or simply enjoy a beer with one of the best and most sunny views of the city!

Close by the Swedish border, in Halden, lies Fredriksten fortress, the largest border fortress in Norway, with a fantastic view of the town and surrounding fjords.

Join a guided tour, see a show or concert, or take a relaxing sunset stroll.

There are a couple of restaurants and a café at the fortress too.

A bit further north, you will find the 17th century Kongsvinger fortress and experience unique military history and panoramic views of the Glomma river.

Walk on the fortress' star-shaped ramparts and visit its museum, before exploring the charming wooden houses in Øvrebyen in Kongsvinger, just below.

Spend the night at the stately Festningen Hotel & Resort, and enjoy a meal in royal surroundings.

The history of Bergenhus Fortress can be traced back to the early 1500s. Explore the museum, and take a stroll around the old buildings and fortifications, just a short walk from the UNESCO-listed Bryggen wharf.

Visiting Bergen in the summer? Check out Bergenfest, one of the biggest open-air live music festivals in Norway, which takes place inside the fortress!

One of Trondheim's chief landmarks is the Kristiansten Fortress, whose cornerstone was laid in 1681. The popular grounds provide excellent views of the city and are a great spot to watch the sun go down over the city and mountains.

Visit the museum, enjoy a meal or a snack, and remember to check listings for cultural events!

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