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Oscarsborg, Drøbak Oscarsborg, Drøbak Oscarsborg, Drøbak
Oscarsborg, Drøbak Oscarsborg, Drøbak
Oscarsborg, Drøbak.
Photo: Oscarsborg
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Once a last line of defense

There are 16 large fortresses along the coast of Norway. Akershus Fortress in Oslo and Oscarsborg Fortress in Drøbak are among the most popular ones.

Vardøhus Fortress

Located on an island in the Barents Sea, this is the world's northernmost fortress - and Norway’s easternmost. It appears today as it did when it was built in 1738, shaped as a perfect eight-pointed star, with low, stone-clad earth-walls.

The Border Fortifications

These 22 small fortifications are situated along the southern part of the border dividing Sweden and Norway, and are given much of the credit as to why the two counties did not go to war in 1905, when Norway left the Union with Sweden.

Bergenhus Fortress

Originally built to protect the entrance to the port of Bergen in the 17th century, this fortress is now a museum and stands next to the famous Rosenkrantz Tower, near the famous Bryggen, the Hanseatic wharf.

The Værdal Fortifications

The relationship with our neighbour to the east continued to be rather strained after the dissolution of the Union, and this is why these fortifications in Stjørdal and Værdal were constructed in the period 1908 – 1913.

Kongsvinger Fortress

Built in 1681, this fortress served as an efficient protection against foreign forces – especially from Sweden - and was never conquered by enemies of Norway. Today, the fortress is open all year and houses among other things a restaurant and a hotel.

Trondenes Fort

Trondenes Fort outside Harstad was built by the Nazis during World War II, and is still a military installation. It is famous for its 406 mm cannon nicknamed "Adolf", with a barrel over 20 metres long.

Fredrikstad Fortress

The last soldiers marched out of this fortress in 2002. Since its disuse as an army base, all the military buildings have been brought back into use for other activities, and the old fortified town continues to be a lively urban community.

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