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Are you a real garden enthusiast, or would you love to surprise someone with a wonderful experience?

Norway is a long and diverse country with a varied climate, and has lots of different parks and gardens! Visit everything from a 'tropical' paradise in Southern Norway and gardens in Fjord Norway, to beautiful polar gardens in Northern Norway.

There are six botanical gardens in Norway, as well as a selection of arboretums and theme gardens throughout the country. The gardens have plant collections with both native and endemic species from Norway, and plants from around the world.

The botanical gardens and arboretums are often administered by local councils, and are usually free to visit. The privately owned parks and gardens charge an entrance fee.

In many rural areas around the country, you can also find historical hotels with beautiful gardens. The largest cities often have many green parks, where you are free to sit down and enjoy your lunch or have a barbecue with your friends – just make sure to throw away your rubbish afterwards.

In the capital, Oslo, you can also visit some amazing sculpture parks, like the famous Vigelandsparken or the Ekebergparken Sculpture Park. The huge, impressive Kistefos Museum and sculpture park in Hadeland is just an hour's drive outside Oslo.

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Autumn leaves

Since the seasons change, you get a completely different experience of the gardens depending on what time of the year you visit. Like many other places, most of the plants and flowers in Norway are at their most beautiful in the spring or middle of the summer.

But how about a visit in the autumn, when the gardens and trees are a riot of colour? Or a totally different experience in the winter, when everything is covered in white, like a winter wonderland?

Check out 5 of the most amazing parks and gardens in Norway below!

Step inside Norway's gardens:

In the Oslo region:

Southern Norway and Fjord Norway:

Trøndelag and Northern Norway:

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