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Where nature meets art


Every day all throughout the year, and totally free of charge, you can visit some of the world´s most impressive sculpture parks in Norway. And those are just some of several places in Norway where you may enjoy amazing art outdoors for free.

Although the traditional art experience typically takes place in a museum or gallery, some of the most fantastic Norwegian works of art play out in symbiosis with their surroundings, with the weather and the seasons as part of the experience. These are free and available to everybody.

Ekebergparken sculpture park

One of the places that have provided Oslo’s residents and visitors with opportunities to combine the best of culture and nature is Ekebergparken sculpture park.

It offers a stunning panoramic view of the city and the Oslofjord, and the 40 sculptures and installations include works by international art icons such as Renoir, Rodin, Dali, and Hirst. Among the park’s prominent Norwegian artists you’ll find Per Ung, Knut Steen, Dyre Vaa, Hilde Mæhlum, and Per Inge Bjørlo. An important theme of Ekebergparken’s art collection is femininity.

Finis you visit with a coffee at cosy Karlsborg Spiseforretning, or at the stylish Ekeberg restaurant, both with incredible views of the city.

An important theme of Ekebergparken’s art collection is femininity.

A great example is the lifelike sculpture “Walking Woman” by the British sculptor Sean Henry, where a woman is frozen in her motion through the forest. Or the squatting woman in Swedish artist Ann-Sofi Sidén’s self-portrait “Fideicommissum”.

The Vigeland Park

The Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo is maybe the most famous sculpture park in the world. Here, you’ll see more than 200 sculptures by the artist Gustav Vigeland, which at least makes it the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist. Approximately one million people visit the park every year.


Another must-see for sculpture enthusiasts is the Kistefos-Museet’s sculpture park in Jevnaker, Hadeland, where the collection of modern Norwegian and international art is expanding by the year. Among the artists found here is Bjarne Melgaard, Magne Furuholmen, Kjell Nupen, Olafur Eliasson, Tony Cragg, and Marianne Heske. And the museum building The Twist is worth the trip in itself!

Artscape Nordland

In Northern Norway, the extensive project Artscape Nordland, or Skulpturlandskap Nordland in Norwegian, is worth tracing. In 34 municipalities in Nordland county (and one in Troms), sculptures and installations were put up between 1992 and 2015. Artists that have contributed to the project include Kjell Erik Killi Olsen, Anish Kapoor, Bård Breivik, and Sissel Tolaas.

Fritz Røed sculpture park

At Bryne in Fjord Norway, you’ll find the Fritz Røed sculpture park. The park exhibits ten sculptures by the Norwegian artist best known for his monumental work “Swords in rock” that tower over the Harfrsfjord near Stavanger. Røed’s art typically revolves around joy and playfulness, but often with more serious undertones.

Roseslottet (Rose Castle)

The Rose Castle at Frogneseteren in Oslo is an outdoor art project created in gratitude to democracy. The parkopened in June 2020 and will be completed in 2025.

Here you'll find nearly 300 works of art: monumental paintings, installations and sculptures. It's open every day for everyone. Join tours, lectures, concerts, family events and cultural events throughout the year.

Henie Onstad Sculpture park

Henie Onstad Art Center is located at Høyvikodden outside of Oslo. This Center is surrounded by a sculpture park filled with 30 sculptures by Norwegian and international artists.

Among the most famous works are Arnold Haukeland's Solskulptur, Trygve Fredriksen's Filipstadbananen and several works by Inge Bjørlo, Kai Nilsen and Camilla Løw to name a few.

Sculpture park at Bærums verk

Among the idyllic buildings along the river at Bærums verk, a 25 min drive from Oslo, you'll find 30 sculptures designed by Norways foremost artists.

The culture destination Ramme

This place is a hidden gem half an hour south of Oslo. Here you'll find the adventurous Havlystparken, Ramme picture gallery, Edvard Munch's villa, Ramme fjord hotel, and organic eating places such as Ramme kro and restaurant, cafe and farm shop.

You also might spot art in the nature while on the road!

Stop by Matias Faldbakken's artwork called "Skyldner" in Kjøllen along the Rondane National Scenic Route.

Norwegian Scenic Routes

Witness a vast variety of walls and corners adorned with colorful street art all over the country.

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