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In recent years, different Norwegian brands and designers have made big success internationally, and the country, especially the capital Oslo, has grown as a shopping destination. Check out these tips for the best places to go shopping while you are visiting Norway!

Norway might not have the longest traditions in fashion history compared to many European countries, but the interest in both Norwegian design and architecture has grown significantly in the last decade. Strong, locally oriented designers and creators have combined old Norwegian traditional materials, such as bare wood, leather, and wool, with contemporary styles and impulses from Scandinavia and internationally. 

Shops like Norway Designs and Pur Norsk in Oslo are just a few examples of places emphasising home design by local designers and producers.

Or you can go for warm souvenirs you can wear and discover why Norwegian fashion design is renowned for focusing on functionality, sometimes minimalism, and bright colours. Look for high-quality wool and knitwear, and benefit from the fact that the art of knitting has long traditions in Norway.

Whilst the choice of Norwegian design items has expanded, you can also find international prêt-à-porter fashion several places, like around Egertorget and Akersgata in Oslo. Norway’s second largest city, Bergen, is now known for local independent fashion shops. Other larger cities, like Stavanger and Trondheim, also has showrooms of local brands that bring out the natural essence of their respective regions.

Sporty fashion by homegrown brands

Norway is a country where many kinds of sports activities including hiking, biking, skiing, and fishing are popular. And as Norwegians are quite picky when it comes to gear and accessories, the offers are many both in warehouses and in speciality shops.

Here you will find a new breed of fashionable Norwegian brands of sports outfits in cool, contemporary colours and shapes.

Trolls and lambs

More typical traditional souvenirs like cute (or scary) trolls, precious glass design, local jewellery, or sheep and reindeer skin can be bought at most tourist destinations. Certain local food delicacies are suitable for bringing home as well, such as sausages, fenalår (the traditional dried and salted leg of a lamb), award-winning mountain cheeses, and local brews.

More than 4,000 shops all over Norway offer the opportunity for a VAT (Value Added Tax) refund, so that’s 4,000 more reasons to let the treasure hunt start.

Fashion editor of KK, Ida Elise Eide Einarsdottir, reveals her favorite shopping spots in Oslo.

Shopping in Oslo

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