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Discover 50 reasons why YOU can travel better – and where we think you should go!

1. You’re the boss of your own time and money. Set sail on the open seas

2. According to science, you are often happier and more satisfied with yourself. Find your happy place

3. You are more than ready to vacay with your BFFs. Take a girls' trip to the Oslo region

4. You party in style! These are the best rooftop bars

5. You refuse to spend another night in an ordinary camping tent.Go glamping!

6. You wear a sun hat, even when nobody is Instagramming you. Life is better in Southern Norway

7. You have ridiculously good taste. Shop til you drop with the fashion editor's guide to shopping in Oslo

8. You can roam the world staying in comfy king size beds. Forget bunk beds.Find a unique place to stay

9. You have learnt to listen to your body and know when to rest. 11 great escapes

11. You have learnt to say no! When your husband always wants to go …

12. You have gone from FOMO to JOMO. See where you should go

13. You roam wherever you like. Stairways to heaven

14. Yes sir, you can boogie – to all kind of music! Which concert do you want to go to tonight?

15. You hike (and make it) to the top. Lace up your boots!

16. You enjoy the silence. Explore our national parks

17. You are so ready to learn something new. Sign up for a course!

18. You drink the good stuff, even if it's 9 o'clock in the morning. #youdoyou Norwegian happy bubbles

19. You dine at the best restaurants in town. Please show me where to go

21. You can actually stay in those nice places you read about. Exclusive hotels

22. You can also travel more affordably, outside high season. Smart tips for budget travel

23. You can stay longer in every place you visit. You love to travel more sustainably

24. You choose the most beautiful train journeys in the world rather than interrail. The Bergen Railway, Rauma Railway or the Nordland line?

25. You spend money on yourself. This way to zen at a spa

26. You know how to do your warrior pose. Join a yoga retreat 

27. You let your inner artist bloom again. Discover Norway's best art museums

28. You love cycling holidays, but you don't mind paying a little extra for luggage transportation. 13 scenic bike routes

29. You don't have to do the holiday planning for the whole family any more. Go on a road trip along our Norwegian Scenic Routes and rest assured you can always stop by one of the “world's most beautiful toilets”.

31. You travel with gratitude and purpose. Travel better

32. You have been where everyone else has been, so now you can do something totally new. Go to Svalbard next 

33. You can do something really worth bragging about, when everyone else has been sipping average Chiantis in Toscana. Unique things to do in Norway

34. You’re a ‘culture hag’ and you’re proud of it! You go from exhibition opening to exhibition opening, and have actually read all the books the everyone is talking about.

(A Norwegian male author coined the expression kulturkjerringer ('culture hags') recognising them as making up the bulk of his typical audience). You know basic art history, history, and a lot of other stories – so you can actually make up your own mind. And cha-cha-cha on testosterone-inflated toes.

35. You have reached many of tour bucket list goals, and are ready to find some new ones. Top lists

36. You like to go climbing, kiting, diving, surfing, rafting, and are living your best life. Get your adrenalin pumping

37. You can start over again. Find a remote island to fall in love with

38. You can find love again. With any gender. Guide to queer meeting places

39. You can actually enjoy going to theme parks again, knowing that the kids can go off on their own for a while. Family holiday tips

41. You're still hot, in that HOT way. Check out six places to have great sex

42. You often start appreciating cooler climates, though … Our favourite winter adventures 

43. … and you love the kick you get when you combine hot & cold: sauna time & ice bathing

44. You can take a long workation or work part time, remotely. Your new office view

45. You go to bed whenever you want. Or never, when the midnight sun is shining.

46. You start going to music festivals again. What's on?

47. You dare to travel solo – and meet new friends. This is how you do it

48. You know how to pack the best picnic baskets. And we have many of the best beaches in Europe

49. You get up whenever you want, and might start liking getting up before 7 o'clock. Or at least 9 … Unique nests for early birds

50. You are kinder to all living beings, because you know that life is fragile. Follow the laws of nature

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