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Visit Lindesnes Lighthouse, the southernmost point in Southern Norway Visit Lindesnes Lighthouse, the southernmost point in Southern Norway Lindesnes lighthouse in red and withe
Visit Lindesnes Lighthouse, the southernmost point in Southern Norway Lindesnes lighthouse in red and withe
Lindesnes Lighthouse in Southern Norway.
Photo: Anders Martinsen (c) Visit Sørlandet AS
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Explore the hidden gem of Norway

Visit Southern Norway and experience Norwegian culture with hiking, skiing, fishing, museums and events. The southernmost part of Norway is also known for the amazing coastline with boating and bathing opportunities.

Things to do in Southern Norway

Sørlandet - The Norwegian Riviera

The southernmost part of Norway has been the number one summer holiday destination for Norwegians for decades, while remaining a hidden gem for many international visitors. During the summer months, the picturesque towns and villages are teeming with visitors. The white painted wooden houses are located near the coastline and many are available for hire.

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Things to do in Southern Norway - Find your activity

Hike or bike along coastal trails. Go skiing, climbing, fishing or rafting. Enjoy festivals and other cultural events.


One of the most accessible activities in Southern Norway is hiking. The seaside trails are beautiful and easy to do, while the mountain summits in Sirdal and Hovden provide a variety of marked hiking trails.


The North Sea Cycle Route (National cycle route number 1) follows the coastline. National cycle route no. 3 takes you from the sea to the high mountains between Kristiansand and Hovden in Setesdal.


Angling is a way of life for many people, and the southern coastline of Norway offers deep-sea fishing and fishing in rivers and lakes. Anglers stays at the fishing resorts along the coast, or at quiet cabins in the inland area.


The skiing season starts in December, and ends in April. Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding are all available, and the lit up trails along the coast are popular in winter.


Rafting in the rivers of Southern Norway are perfect for safe and fun water sport for the entire family. TrollAktiv in Evje and Adventure Norway in Marnadal offer both family and regular rafting activities.


The rock climbing area around Valle in Setesdal is known among climbers all over the world. Try out the longest Via Ferrata route in Northern Europe or visit one of the many climbing parks.

Sightseeing boat trips in Southern Norway

Explore Southern Norway

Hotels, restaurants and things to do in Arendal, Southern Norway. Read more
In Tvedestrand you can stroll between white wooden houses on narrow cobbled streets with a bookshop on every corner. Read more
Visit the Farsund and Lista region in Southern Norway and experience hiking, Lista lighthouse, American festival and other attractions. Read more
Farsund and Lista
Experience Flekkefjord: Ride a rail bike through 17 tunnels, visit Hidra or the Dutch Quarter, go hiking or shopping or just relax by the fjords. Read more
Risør is a small town along the coastline of Southern Norway, 1,5 hours east of Kristiansand. Risør is known as "the wooden house… Read more
Think of Grimstad, and you think of skerries, white-painted wooden houses, festivals, good food, and summer atmosphere. Enjoy lazy days in the sun, a… Read more
Kristiansand is the southernmost city in Norway. Kristiansand is also declared the children's city, because of all the funny activities… Read more
Information about Mandal, where to sleep, what to do, what's on. Accomodation, beaches and live music.  Read more
The official webpage for the southern most part of Norway, the Lindesnes region. Find out what to do, what to see, where to stay, what's… Read more
The Lindesnes Region
Visit Kvinesdal in Southern Norway. Go hiking, fishing or golfing. Learn about american heritage and Norwegian ancestors. Read more
The Evje area offers activities like rafting, climbing, safaris and trekking, and also attractions like a mineral park with child-friendly activities. Read more
Activities in Evje
Lillesand is the town of the sailing ships and white painted wooden houses, situated just 20 minutes east of Kristiansand. Read more
Visit Lyngdal in Southern Norway and go fishing, shopping, hiking or swimming at Sorlandsbadet and find accommodation at Rosfjord Strandhotell. Read more
The Setesdal valley is centrally located in Southern Norway and easily accessible from continental Europe. In the winter you can choose between… Read more
Hovden is located in upper Setesdal  and is the largest ski destination in the southern part of Norway. The area offers great opportunities… Read more
Hovden and Bykle in Setesdal
Characterised by high peaks and scenic lakes, Sirdal is a picturesque mountain region in south-western Norway that offers year-round… Read more
Open all year! Neset Camping is a peaceful, 4-star campsite situated in beautiful surroundings on a headland overlooking Byglandsfjorden, by Highway… Read more
Neset Camping
There are about 150 places for tents, as well as 10 campervans for hire. At this camping there are no cabins Restaurant and kiosk close by. Read more
Roligheden Camping
Hamre Family Camping is located right nex to one of Norway´s finest beaches, Hamresanden. 3 km of sand surrounds the great recreation ground… Read more
Hamre Familiecamping
The 5-star campground is open from mid of May to mid of August. 2 spacious cabins of 50 m², right down by the waterfront. These cabins can sleep… Read more
Kristiansand Feriesenter Dvergsnestangen
Skottevik Feriesenter has a unique location along Skagerak with the ocean as its closest neighbour. The south part of Norway is the most sunny part of… Read more
Skottevik Feriesenter
Lillesand is a typical Norwegian white city, with white wooden houses along the sea. The camp site is perfect for recreation and hiking and only a 20… Read more
Tingsaker Family camping
The Moysand Family Camping is a 5-star campsite between Grimstad and Fevik, where you can experience the skerries with its islets and sheaves.… Read more
Moysand Family Camping
Lovisenberg Familiecamping stretches its area over 220,000 m3. This camping ground is located by the Helle fjord and surrounded by wonderful nature… Read more
Lovisenberg Family Camping
Hove Camping is located in beautiful surroundings on the island Tromøy, merely a 10-minute drive from Arendal town. The camping ground can be… Read more
Hove Camping
Risør Resort Moen Camping is a family campsite with lots of activities located right by the Sørfjorden, 10 kilometres from Risør centre. There are… Read more
Risør Resort Moen Camping
For kids
TrollAktiv offer an exciting range of outdoor sports in the lower Setesdal valley. Located north of Evje, one hour from Kristiansand they have… Read more
TrollAktiv in Evje
This tour combines a fantastic nature experience together with a fascinating architectural insight into the making of this seventeen kilometre long… Read more
Rail Biking tour at Flekkefjordbanen
Here you will meet four elks; Olga and Orvar who were born in Sweden in May 2014 and have been raised as tame animals at Elgtun. Elvira and… Read more
Elgtun, Landeskogen - Close encounter with the moose
Kristiansand Zoo - Dyreparken - is situated only 11 km (6 miles) east of Kristiansand. It actually consists of several parks combined; a zoo and an… Read more
Dyreparken - Kristiansand Zoo and amusement park
"Via Ferrata" is Italian for iron road. This is a climbing route where you are secured to the rock by means of a steel cable. There are also iron… Read more
Via Ferrata to Mt. Straumsfjellet, Valle. The longest of its kind north of the Alps.
Today the factory is a living museum with its own power station, dye house, spinning mill, weaving mill and finishing plant. If you go on a guided… Read more
Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik
Klatreskogen climbing park is a high wire forest adventure based just outside Evje in Southern Norway. The trees in the forest are over 100 years… Read more
Klatreskogen - High wire adventure park in Evje
Inside the mountain you can see a spectacular collection of minerals, in which the world’s most beautiful stones glitter. Outside there are a… Read more
Mineralparken - Mineral park
The museum is located at Kongsgård and consists of the Open Air Museum, Miniby (miniature houses) and a main building with a toy… Read more
Kristiansand museum
Kristiansand Kanonmuseum (cannon museum) Møvik Fortress outside Kristiansand was built by the Germans during World War II. The museum houses… Read more
Kristiansand Kanonmuseum - Cannon Museum
The coal is glowing and the water is boiling on the old steam locomotives on the Setesdalsbanen. Let the venerable station buildings, stylish teak… Read more
Setesdalsbanen Railway line
The lighthouse has been designated a national lighthouse museum, and hosts various exhibitions relating to the development and history of lighthouses,… Read more
Lindesnes Lighthouse
Ready for action? Høyt & Lavt (high and low) climbing park in Kristiansand have challenges for all ages. In the climbing park, you can… Read more
Høyt & Lavt Kristiansand Climbing park
The lighthouse has been designated a national lighthouse museum, and hosts various exhibitions relating to the development and history of lighthouses,… Read more
Lindesnes Lighthouse
Raet National Park was established in 2016, and is the region’s first of its kind. It stretches from Hasseltangen in… Read more
Raet National Park
The chef recommends his own "Stang Holmen Bouillabaisse" which is a mixture of sea food served in an iron pot with baguettes and garlic butter. The… Read more
Stangholmen Lighthouse Restaurant
The centre offers a diverse selection of rentals including large and small cabins, apartments and rooms. Familiy activities like fishing and boat… Read more
Sørlandet Feriesenter Camping
Farsund Resort, a recently completed holiday resort with traditional cabins and attractive guest harbour, nestles in an idyllic part of Southern… Read more
Farsund Resort
Ny-Hellesund is today a holiday paradise in the Søgne archipelago. The lagoon between Helgøya and Kapelløya is surrounded by open… Read more
Verftet - the old shipyard in Ny-Hellesund
The Lista Lighthouse is a 34 meter tall stone tower which was lit for the first time on the 10th of November 1836. During the Second World War, a… Read more
Lista Lighthouse
Lindesnes Havhotell has a magnificent location at the pier by Båly harbour. The hotel has 154 large and spacious rooms, whereof 77 are apartments and… Read more
Lindesnes Havhotell
Tregde Ferie offers cabins and holiday apartments of a high standard. The centre is located in an idyllic setting with views of the Tregde archipelago… Read more
Fishing holiday - Tregde Ferie
With the boats MS Nidelv (80 pax), MF Merdø (63 pax) and MF Tromøy (97 pax) we offer charter tours, boat taxi and ferries. We sail from Grimstad west… Read more
Charter- and ferry boats MS Nidelv, MF Merdø and MF Tromøy
Bjørnevåg Resort is situated between Lyngdal and Farsund, and offers accomodation in modern and comfortable holiday homes and apartments.… Read more
Fishing trip - Bjørnevåg Ferie
Experience the archipelago "Blindleia" between Lillesand and Kristiansand. M/B Øya departs from Lillesand at 10:00, crosses Skallefjorden and passes… Read more
Boat sightseeing with M/B Øya Lillesand - Kristiansand - Lillesand
The inner archipelago affords plentiful opportunity for open-air activities, enjoying the coastal scenery and outports. Experience Blindleia by… Read more
Hot spot number one for the locals during the summer season On Merdø, a car-free island just outside Arendal town in Southern Norway,… Read more
Visit on Merdø island
A lighthouse holiday in Southern Norway allows you to fall asleep while the waves hit the skerries, and wake up with the sun to see the islands and… Read more
Lighthouse holiday at Lyngør
You should not leave southern Norway without doing a boat trip and seeing the old outports, spotting the birds, the islands and skerries. The ferry is… Read more
M/B Høllen - Boat sightseeing
Ferry Arendal-Merdø Summer 2017  From Arendal: 10:00 - 10:30* - 11:00 - 11:30 - 12:00 - 12:30 - 13:00 - 13:30* - 14:00 - 14:30 -… Read more
Ferry to Merdø - M/F Merdø
MS Bragdøya sails scheduled trips from Kristiansand daily from the end of June to the middle of August. The boat departs from Kai 6 (Pier 6) in… Read more
Boat trips on the MS Bragdøya - Summer excursions
Hand-in-hand with Snøhetta and a few experienced local partners, will we create an iconic building with a unique gourmet restaurant. Given our… Read more
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    Stay in a lighthouse by the sea, sleep in a cabin in the mountains, or choose a hotel in town to be near all the action.

    Festivals and events

    See what's on in Southern Norway.

    Taste the culinary treats of Southern Norway

    Taste local food, fruit , sea food, berries and vegetables. Many restaurants in Southern Norway are proud of the traditions and love to tell you about it.

    Winter activities in Southern Norway

    You will find a number of alpine resorts in Southern Norway. A lot of slopes for cross-country skiing are also available. There are four major skiing destinations in Southern Norway, and they are closer than you might think. From Kristiansand you spend from one to three hours to get to the destinations. The season normally starts in late November and lasts until Easter/late April.

    More to see and do in Southern Norway