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Marvelous May

May is the month that flirts with summer.

Here are 12 things to do in Norway in May:

1. Celebrate Norway's national day!

The biggest event in May is the celebration of Norway's national day on May 17.

We proudly wear our bunad, national costume, meet friends and family, watch and march in parades, eat food, and celebrate the whole day and night!

We really know how to celebrate!

The biggest parade takes place in Oslo, where we march past the Royal Palace and are greeted by the royal family.

2. Fjord Norway in blossom

Every spring, something quite wonderful happens – Fjord Norway is in full bloom!

People come from far and wide to experience the apple blossom at the fruit farms in Hardanger.

Book a Hardangerfjord in a nutshell tour with Fjord Tours here.

3. Botanical gardens

The flowers are also awakening in the cities!

Parks and gardens all over the country are alive with vibrant colours from new flowers, including the Botanical Garden at Tøyen in Oslo. There are also a lot of sculpture parks that become colourful when the flowers start to bloom in May.

4. Jaw-dropping street art

But it's not only the flowers that bring colour to our cities.

All over the country, you can witness a vast variety of walls and corners adorned with stunning street art.

5. The power of water

In May, the melting snow makes the waterfalls surge and look even more impressive!

Enjoy the view, but be careful not to get too close.

6. The Svalbard Express

The Svalbard Express is a new cruise that takes you between Bergen, the North Cape, and Svalbard.

On this journey, you can experience all the contrasts of spring across Norway. Enjoy 24 hours of daylight under the …

7... Midnight sun!

In Northern Norway, the sun never sets between May and July.

Go hiking, fishing, swimming, or kayaking all day and all night long!

8. Kayaking and canoeing

You don't have to be in the north to go kayaking and canoeing.

You can paddle all over the country – on a lake in the forest, a glacial lake, in the big city, and countless places on Norway's long coastline.

9. Norway in a nutshell

Travelling by train in Norway offers amazing views, with many routes passing through stunning landscapes of mountains, fjords, countryside, and lakes!

Travel with the famous Bergen Railway, which runs between Oslo and Bergen across the Hardangervidda mountain plateau or join the Norway in a nutshell trip with the Flåm Railway.

10. Countryside getaways

Taste local food in rural luxury at traditional farms and manor houses that have been transformed into fashionable accommodation! 

11. Spring in the south

If you're more of a city lover – greet the milder weather in Kristiansand, Norway’s southernmost city.

There are few places in Norway with more hours of sun per year!

12. Rooftop bars

While you're in the city, try some of the best sky bars in Norway!

You'll find several on hotel rooftops where you can enjoy a drink and a breathtaking view.

May in Norway is simply a-May-zing!

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