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Cycling in Norway

You'll find a great variation of cycling trips in Norway, from fjord cycling to mountain biking trails and more. Norway also hosts big cycling events, like the Arctic Race. Explore the options and start planning your next fun biking holiday in Norway today!

Pick and choose

You might think that with its high mountains, steep downhills and rough terrain, Norway is all about for hard-core road cycling or mountain and downhill biking. If you want a challenge on two wheels, there are certainly many to choose from.

But, don't forget, Norway is a lot more than just high peaks! The country's varied topography makes it possible to find cycling routes that are perfect for less experienced cyclists. In many places, you can also rent electric bikes for an even smoother ride.

Discover hidden gems in the countryside, get your pulse racing in the mountains, and discover everything you need for an amazing cycling holiday!

Amazing mountain biking

Focus on the ride down in one of Norway's cool mtb/freeride parks!

The parks in Hafjell, Trysil, and Geilo are among the biggest in the country. There, you'll find fantastic downhill trails, pump tracks and trail biking options, as well as cyclist-friendly accommodation options, bike rentals and repair shops.

If you want to go biking in winter (!), you need to check out fatbiking.

Cycle touring

Plan for a whole cycling holiday along fjords, fields and mountains on one of Norway's fantastic bike trails! Our national cycle routes have been designed to take you around by bike while avoiding heavy traffic. One such route is the popular Rallarvegen, named Norway’s finest bicycle routeby Travel and Vacation. Or how about experiencing what may have to be the tastiest cycle trip in Norway, The Golden Road detour?

Get inspired by these top bike routes:

Bike races

Those who like a little healthy competition can enjoy several bike races held annually in Norway. Some of the top pro cyclists in the world compete in  the Arctic Race of Norway on a route surrounded by stunning, wild, and dramatic Norwegian scenery.

If you want to participate yourself, both the 86-kilometre-long trail race Birken and the 543-kilometre-long road cycling race Styrkeprøven ('The Great Trial of Strength') are classic Norwegian races.

Plan your two-wheeled adventure

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From gentle rides through quaint villages and magnificent nature to tough mountain biking trails and big events. Explore excellent offers below.

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