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6 places to have great sex in Norway

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Oh, yes, YES! We go on holiday to have a great time – both with and without clothes! Check out our hottest spots.

1. Making love under the auroras

Getting it going in a snow igloo might only be for the most extreme, but a heated glass-roofed igloo or lavvo on the other hand, would definitely do the trick. Maybe just for the sense of wonder – or maybe the intent of making “the prettiest and happiest babies in the world”, according to the many tourists that come to Norway to fulfil this particular dream. Explore the options among Norway’s many cool ice hotels.

2. Do it in Viking style

Forget about silk sheets and velvety nights. Think small and cosy log cabins, the comforting sound of a crackling fire and the soft hide of a reindeer. Maybe the thrill of being in rough Viking surroundings is something you’ll come to enjoy!

3. Get inspired by the Troll’s dick

Some consider it big, others small – but it’s not the size that matters. The Troll’s dick, or Trollpikken, might get your pulse elevated to above average, depending on your level of fitness, but the less than an hour walk to the famous rock formation should inspire you to go home to your hotel and practice. Or, maybe it gives you the boost you need to continue on a little further, to the more challenging “Troll’s Tongue” – Trolltunga.

4. Lovers’ nest

Go wild, baby! Take your lover to a place so far into the wilderness that even cell reception won’t be able to find you. You can find unique hotels in the most wonderfully remote places in Norway, where you will enjoy your partner’s undivided attention. A raw and rustic option is to stay one of Norway’s many beautiful lighthouses. Some of them, like the Kråkenes or Molja lighthouse, even have a bridal suite. Or choose a more modern and upscale love temple, like the panoramic glass cabins of Manshausen or Juvet Landskapshotell (beware – no curtains!). Or find a true lovebird’s nest in the top of a real tree, in one of the many great treetop cabins all over the country, and make the pines swing!

5. All natural

Norwegian nature is inspiring in many ways. Do one of the most natural things in the world, as close to nature as you can get, without feeling shy. Seek shelter in one of the cool new glamping tents and arctic domes, with super comfy beds and a romantic stove. Yes, you can stay in many of them even during winter!

6. Hot, hotter, hottest

It’s important to get in the right mood – and although research says new and strange places might be exciting enough in themselves – there are also some other magic tricks that might help you get there. One of them is to get rid of all that everyday stress, loosen up your muscles and completely relax. Book a hotel with a nice spa or a jacuzzi under the northern lights, or a fire-heated hot tub under the stars. Your partner is sure to purr with delight afterwards. Just be careful not to fall asleep when you go back to your room ...

... and by the way, did you know that having sex also is an excellent way to improve your fishing luck? Ask any experienced fisherman of the north – they truly know the importance of a good “haill”, or a great night with their beloved ones, in order to get the best catch!

...and there is more: 

Norway has an abundance of romantic accommodation options and experiences. Surprise your loved one with a night in one of Norway’s most exclusive hotels, book a table for two at a Michelin restaurant or go on an unforgettable trip with Hurtigruten – the world’s most beautiful sea voyage.

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