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Need some space? Norway's got it!

Take a deep breath. Relax.

Norway has the second longest coastline in the world.

Thousands of secluded beaches, lakes, mountains and islands. And more than 700 glittering fjords.

All waiting for you.

Scroll down to see the coolest things you can do in space!

1. Space walks

Walking in space is probably the Norwegians' number one activity!

The Right to Roam lets you move freely and go hiking almost everywhere in the country.

Conquer mountaintops, traverse lush valleys, follow winding trails or even climb some stairways to heaven.

2. Open space

Some parts of Norway are even spacier than others.

Stroll for hours on the beaches of Jæren in the Stavanger region, roam in the footsteps of reindeer at Finnmarksvidda in Northern Norway or visit our northernmost outpost, Svalbard.

3. Space-like landscapes

Feel like exploring another planet...?

Take a closer look at this unique, natural rock formation in Skarsvåg, close to The North Cape.

Or visit the island of Leka, in one of Norway's UNESCO geoparks. There you can find a tiny part of America,with its characteristic yellow-red landscapes.

4. Protected spaces

No cars. No hassle. Just you and the wilderness.

Experience the noble art of friluftsliv in one of Norway's 47 national parks.

5. Cosmic experiences

Spend time where the sun never sets. Or never comes up. Up north, the midnight sun shines both night and dayduring the summer months.

If you are lucky, you may get to see the northern lights fill the winter sky. This may be the cosmic phenomenon that's closest to the forces of space!

6. On board a space ship

The virtual Spaceship Aurora sets course for space and the aurora! Don't miss takeoff at the Andøya Space visitor centre.

There's also a good chance you'll see the aurora borealis dance across the sky from the Northern Lights Observatory in Alta.

7. Weightless in space

Experience the feeling of total weightlessness! Feel what it's like to fly in the wind tunnel in Voss or the wind tunnel in Lørenskog.

These airy activities are also guaranteed to give you an adrenaline kick!

8. Eat in space

This is a truly unique space. Under is the world's biggest underwater restaurant, with direct views of the wonders beneath the sea.

It's just like being in space, right?

9. Space oddities

There are some quite strange places in Norwegian space.

Meet the characters from the classic Norwegian film "Flåklypa Grand Prix" onboard their homemade spaceship at the family friendly Aukrust Centre in Alvdal in Eastern Norway.

Or go UFO hunting or visit a UFO pub in Hessdalen, where locals have reported unexplained light phenomena for decades.

11. Sleep in space

Find your own dream planet. Try some of these unique places to stay, all around the country.

10. Private space

...can suddenly become an urgent need.

This is not a spaceship that just has landed – it's actually one the most beautiful loos in the world, on one of Norway's scenic routes.

Just remember that these roads aren't particularly spacious, so drive carefully!

12. Cruise through space

Enjoy a comfortable trip along the Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten, one of the most beautiful sea voyages in the universe.

Are you ready to launch yourself into space?

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