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Gudbrandsdalen Gudbrandsdalen
Photo: Ian Brodie

The king of the valleys

The Gudbrandsdalen valley is surrounded by the national parks of Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella, and is known for its abundance of locally produced food, old architecture and good skiing and hiking. 
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Musk on Dovrefjell
Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv
Rafting in Sjoa
Hiking on Besseggen
Terje Rakke
Mountain Concert at Rondablikk, Peer Gynt Gathering
Ian Brodie/Lillehammer.com

Things to do

Getting here and around

By plane:
  • The nearest international airport is Oslo Airport. Lillehammer, which is the gateway to Gudbrandsdalen, is situated only one hour and 40 minutes from Oslo Airport by car and two hours by train.
  • Domestic and international flights are also available to/from Trondheim Airport. Travelling time from the airport is around four hours to Dombås and four and a half hours to Otta.  
By road:
  • If you go by car from Oslo, you can follow the E6 motorway the whole way. Travelling time from Oslo is around two hours to Lillehammer, three and a half hours to Dombås and four hours to Dombås. 
By train:
  • Dovrebanen (“The Dovre Railway”) between Oslo and Trondheim follows the valley until it reaches Dombås, where the railway climbs onto the Dovrefjell mountain plateau. The train goes from/to Oslo Airport.
  • The Rauma railway, Raumabanen, runs between Dombås and Åndalsnes, with stops at Lesja, Lesjaverk and Bjorli in the northernmost part of the valley. 

Gudbrandsdalen also offers ...

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