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Explore some of Norway's most popular national parks, go on a musk ox safari, and taste delicious local food in Gudbrandsdalen – a valley that has inspired artists, chefs, and outdoor enthusiasts for centuries.

Located in Eastern Norway, Gudbrandsdalen is the king of the valleys! Many of the farms have roots back to the Middle Ages, and you can experience exciting activities and some of Norway's coolest theme parks. With so much to offer, the valley is the perfect destination for everyone.

On a journey through the valley, you can visit six national parks in the surrounding mountains – including Jotunheimen, Dovrefjell and Rondane.

The Olympic town of Lillehammer serves as the gateway to the Gudbrandsdalen valley in the south. From there, the valley stretches 230 kilometres north towards Lesja and the Romsdalen valley, and adjacent valleys Gausdal, Heidal, Ottadalen, and Espedalen. 

The region is known for an abundance of locally produced food, traditional architecture, and a varied landscape. With large areas of forests, mountains, and watercourses, Gudbrandsdalen is an ideal place for fishing, hiking, and skiing.

You can also attend the Peer Gynt Festival in Gålå, try rafting in the Sjoa river, or hike the famous pilgrim's path, the St. Olav's Way. At the head of the valley, you'll find Lom, a hotspot for both foodies and culture lovers.

Get in-depth travel information on The National Park Region’s website and Visit Jotunheimen's website (both of which are found in the northern part of the valley) and Lillehammer's official website (the southern part of the valley).

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Get in-depth travel information on Nasjonalparkriket’s and Lillehammer's official websites.
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