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Famous landmarks, thousands of islands, and plenty of activities along the way. Welcome to beautiful Kystriksveien!

The coastal route Kystriksveien stretches a total of 650 kilometres between Steinkjer in Trøndelag and Bodø in Northern Norway. Along the way, you’ll cross the Arctic Circle and enter the land of the midnight sun – or northern lights. Most of the road is a Norwegian Scenic Route.

Along the way you can visit famous landmarks like the mountains Torghatten and De syv søstre (The seven sisters), The UNESCO listed Vega Islands, the Svartisen glacier, and the world strongest maelstrom, Saltstraumen.

For an active holiday, rent (or bring) a bike. Most towns and some of the islands offer bike rental, and there is no charge for bikes on the local ferries.

Speaking of ferries – you’ll take at least six of them, more if you visit some of the islands. For the best experience, estimate at least five days for your trip.

Get in-depth travel information on Kystriksveien’s official website.

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Get in-depth travel information on Kystriksveien’s official website.
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