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Eastern Norway is full of amazing experiences. The region combines big city life and world class museums with a beautiful coast, mountain hikes and ski centres. Not to mention lots of fun family activities!

Eastern Norway lies south of the Dovre and Rørosvidda mountains and east of the Langfjella mountains. It's home to the broadest range of activities in the country. 

Oslo is the heart of the region. The city is in constant flux, and there's always something new to see and do. The new world class Munch museum is just one example of the city's innovative architecture. Enjoy delicious restaurants and buzzing cultural life, and check out the trendiest bars. You can experience a lot on a short weekend break in the capital, from seaside strolls to street art, shopping, and floating saunas. 

Just a short drive from the city, you'll find numerous quaint coastal towns lining the Oslo fjord, before continuing on to historic summer towns and the beautiful skerries in Østfold and Vestfold. It's not far from the smooth, warm rocks of the coast to high mountains, lush landscapes and valleys full of fun activities, like Hallingdal, Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen.

Eastern Norway is the country's most populous region, which is reflected in the many activities on offer. The region is the top destination for families, with a myriad of amusement parks, zoos and activity parks, visitor's farms and activity centres.

In winter, Eastern Norway is a paradise for downhill and cross country skiing, and most of the country's best ski resorts are located there. In summer, the slopes are perfect for mountain biking and other fun. A visit to the Kistefos museum at Hadeland, just an hour's drive from Oslo, is a must for art lovers. 

The region also offers magnificent nature experiences if you wish to bike or hike. Explore both rugged and child-friendly trails in national parks like Jotunheimen and Rondane, or take a guided musk ox safari in the Dovrefjell mountains. In Telemark, you can even ride a funicular to Norway's best mountain top views on Gaustatoppen.

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